How to watch the season premiere of ‘The Bachelor’ tonight (1/23/23): FREE live stream, time, channel

by Jacob Solomon Jan 23, 2023 News
How to watch the season premiere of ‘The Bachelor’ tonight (1/23/23): FREE live stream, time, channel

Shallcross is on ABC's "The Bachelor" season 27. The premiere of the season will be aired on Tuesday. There is a show on ABC on January 23, 2023. Nino Muoz is on the ABC.

The run for the roses begins tonight with the new Bachelor and 30 women.

The season premiere of "The Bachelor" will be broadcasted on Tuesday, October 10. The show was on ABC.

Shallcross will be dating a woman from Pittsburgh who is a graduate of Penn State University. Cara Ammon has a job at J.P. Morgan in New York City.

Shallcross is a tech executive.

He dated Rachel Recchia on the 19th season of "The Bachelor" last year. He self-eliminated after making it as far as fantasy suites. Recchia and Shallcross had appeared to have a connection.

Shallcross is a family man at heart and splits his time between Texas and Orange County. His parents show him what true love looks like.

He wants to find a love that meshes with the standard they have set for him, and he will keep them in mind when looking for a life partner. Home is where the heart is, and with the Bachelor mansion not too far away, it's time to return to Southern California.

The other women are grouped together.

  • Aly, 26, a healthcare strategist from Atlanta, Georgia
  • Anastasia, 30, a content marketing manager from San Diego, California
  • Ariel, 28, a marketing executive from New York City, New York
  • Bailey, 27, an executive recruiter from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Rebecca, “Becca,” 25, a nursing student from Burbank, California
  • Brianna, 24, an entrepreneur and America’s First Impression Rose Winner from Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Brooklyn, 25, a rodeo racer from Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Cat, 26, a dancer from New York, New York
  • Charity, 26, a child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia
  • Christina Mandrell, 26, a content creator from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Davia, 25, a marketing manager from Charleston, South Carolina
  • Gabriella “Gabi,” 25, an account executive from Pittsford, Vermont
  • Genevie, 26, a neonatal nurse from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Greer, 24, a medical sales rep from Houston, Texas
  • Holland, 24, an insurance marketer from Boca Raton, Florida
  • Jessica “Jess,” 23, an e-commerce coordinator from Winter Springs, Florida
  • Kaitlyn “Kaity,” 27, an ER nurse from Austin, Texas
  • Katherine, 26, a registered nurse from Tampa, Florida
  • Kimberly, 30, a hospitality manager from Los Angeles, California
  • Kylee, 25, a postpartum nurse from Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Chandralekha “Lekha,” 29, a financial advisor from Miami, Florida
  • Madison, 26, a business owner from Fargo, North Dakota
  • Mercedes, 24, a nonprofit owner from Bloomfield, Iowa
  • Olivia L., 24, a patient care technician from Rochester, New York
  • Olivia M., 25, a stylist from Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Sonia, 29, a project manager from Long Island, New York
  • Vanessa, 23, a restaurant marketer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Victoria J., 30, a makeup artist from Fort Worth, Texas
  • Viktoria E., 29, a nanny from Vienna, Austria

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The Bachelor Season 27

Thirty women will compete for the love of "The Bachelor" in season 27 on ABC.

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