How to Use AI Tools Like ChatGPT in Your Business

by Jacob Solomon Jan 20, 2023 News
How to Use AI Tools Like ChatGPT in Your Business

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The future of business is being impacted by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can serve as a game-changing tool to grow a business and increase its efficiency, even though some fear that it will have harmful economic repercussions.

There are a few new platforms that you can use.

More than a million people used the chatbot in just five days. A generative dialogue artificial intelligence application can create new content and can be used to cover letters and resume. Local statutes/regulations can be used to draft legal contracts. It can find errors in existing code and build websites. Its greatest asset is its ability to mirror real conversations.

It can be used in virtually any industry and for any size business. There are a few possibilities.

In an online marketplace in which content is king, it's possible to create new content using parameters that fit your needs, as well as generate new content concepts. You can ask it to come up with a list of ideas and then write a script to pursue them. If you don't like the immediate results, ask it to rewrite in a specific tone or simpler copy. Pre-written content can be edited to make it error-free and adhere to guidelines.

A solution to the often ineffectual results of live chat on websites is to handle customer inquiries and give answers to common questions, leaving more time for a customer service team to deal with more complicated or demanding issues. It's important to note that it applies a general language model and might lack specialized knowledge in certain areas, but because it can communicate with customers using more natural language, it improves their website experience.

3 brands crush instant customer service.

When it comes to hiring and recruitment, it's important to read through cover letters and resume, but users can simply copy and paste cover letters and look for key job criteria. It will comb through text to find out if candidates have relevant experience, avoiding the need to hire outside recruiters.

Lensa AI

This is an editing app that has been selling well recently. Colorful art renditions of friends' selfies overtook social media feeds. While it performs all the basic functions of a standard photo editing app, Lensa has a different approach. It's free for basic use, but costs to transform selfies and portraits into artificial intelligence imagery with a wider array of colors and styles. Users' facial features and other recognizable photo elements are preserved in these AI-generatedavatars.

Low-cost methods of elevating visual content are called lensa. When posting photos of products or services, its tools can be edited at a professional level, and additional tools can be used to create unique renditions of photos, helping small businesses generate original content in a matter of minutes. It is like having an art team at your disposal.

There is a question about what is Lensa Artificial Intelligence. Privacy and ethical concerns are posed by it.


Jasper is an intuitive writing tool that can be used for content creation but without the cost or downtime of hiring outside help. You can add your voice and flair to the sales or marketing copy it drafts by requesting it to use certain tones.

If you drop examples of your writing into Jasper, the on-board artificial intelligence will analyze your voice and style of writing for future use. If customers know you personally and a genuine voice keeps the feel of a personal connection, this can be helpful.

There are a few things to think about.

Jasper has a steep learning curve, but it is powerful and effective once you know how to use software navigation.

Jasper misses technical jargon and industry specific vocabulary when drafting content for specific industries. The resulting content may need to be edited.

Jasper Artificial Intelligence plans start at $24/month and increase depending on use, so some users may need to consider their cost and usage.

This application can be used to clear hurdles for business owners in a wide range of fields. By sidestepping the steep costs of traditional content generation, it can level the playing field for startup and new businesses. The time is right to learn about the benefits of early adoption.

It is better for your business to use email than social media.