Is AI coming for creative jobs?

by Anna Munhin Jan 20, 2023 News
Is AI coming for creative jobs?

The online chat bot, which was released by Openai last year, continues to dominate conversations. Is it replacement for creative writing jobs?

Julaine Speight is the co-owner and marketing director at First Internet.

This week has seen a lot of chatter about the topic.

We haven't talked about how tech could replace us all. Content providers and copywriters will not be redundant.

The importance of remembering why we provide content is something we have talked about.

The role of copywriters

The role of the copywriting team here is to work closely with our clients and to really get under the skin of their products, services and business objectives before helping to identify the marketing objectives.

Taking time to research the audience, know its priorities, and realize how those fit into a changing culture is what it means. It is then to provide copy and content that fits in with the overall brand voice of the client. It is fascinating to read. And will be approved by the internet search engine.

It's the last point that interests us the most. Is it possible that people aren't planning on using tech to improve their search engine ranking? It won't work in the long run.

Good content is unique

15 years ago, a lot ofSEO content was clumsy and repetitive, crammed with key words and quickly shot down by the search engine. Even though the text is more sophisticated, it won't be as effective because it will follow formulas that will keep being spotted by search engines.

Our team needs to be authentic. We provide work that reflects the fact that we are additions to the organisation. We help build relationships.

It is the responsibility of the marketing team to think of the long-term impact, not use the short-term benefits of technology.

There is a split into two core groups. Those that think it is amazing and are happy to create generic content to try and improve their search engine ranking and get more links to their site are the ones that think marketing should be unique to the brand.

Good content needs to be approved and supported by search engines so that it can talk to the audience in the right way and in the right space.

What is the point of it if it isn't even reaching the right people?