Woman Considers Calling Off Engagement After Cousin Gifts Her Fiancé A Subscription To Her Adult Video Content

by Lindsey Francy Jan 15, 2023 News
Woman Considers Calling Off Engagement After Cousin Gifts Her Fiancé A Subscription To Her Adult Video Content

A woman is considering ending her engagement because of a gift she received from her cousin.

She explained how the situation went down in a post to the "r/TrueOffMyChest" sub Reddit.

She said that she comes from a large family with many cousins in their 20s and 30s who all exchange gifts.

Anna found an easy gift for all the men who were married to or dating a family member.

A woman learns her own father was buying her onlyfans content and even paid for a private call.

The bride-to-be witnessed her fiancé receive one of the cousin's gifts in a pink envelope and quickly hide it in his pocket.

The OnlyFans gifts that turned out to be inside the envelopes made her boyfriend uncomfortable, so her cousin pulled her aside.

He lied about the gift when the bride asked him about it.

She told him that he received the gift and put it in his pocket, but he didn't open it.

She told a lie when she took the envelope out of his pocket.

The bride-to-be confronted Anna about her gift after catching her fiancé in a lie.

A woman shared a Christmas card with her mom, who was exposing her husband's affair.

Other family members confront her cousin about the gift cards.

Anna was accused of giving sexual content to her boyfriend and husbands by several family members.

Anna said it was not a come-on.

The bride-to-be wrote that Anna claimed that her gift was just marketing and not sexual.

The bride-to-be left the family Christmas party because her family wanted her to apologize to Anna.

She said, "I'm seriously considering calling off the engagement over this, and I'm pissed at my cousin for ruining my relationship."

A woman talks about how she healed her relationship after her boyfriend spent $10k on onlyfans.

Most commenters agreed that Anna's adult gift was way out of line.

The commenters were dying to know what the bride-to-be had said to Anna.

One user wrote that they wouldn't lie. I want to know the reason your mom wants you to apologize to her.

Users were just as shocked by Anna's gift as the bride-to- be was.

It's the fact that she specifically targeted men in her family relationships. That's the highest level of trashy.

You don't give a discount to your cousins' boyfriends and husbands at the Christmas dinner.

Several commenters supported the bride-to-be after she expressed that she was worried about what she said to Anna being out of line.

One person wrote that he didn't think anything you could have said was as bad as Anna's pink envelopes were.

The user warned the bride-to-be about the red flags that had come to light.

He lied to you when you saw him open the envelope and then pocket it. People who cheat do the same thing.

Maybe rethinking her engagement is the right thing to do.

The bride read cheating Fiancé's text to wedding guests instead of her vows.

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