How vivo's World Cup sponsorship has united community & sport

by Anna Munhin Dec 23, 2022 News
How vivo

vivo strengthens its global presence with strategic partnerships and user generated content to build brand awareness

Sports are known for their ability to bring people together regardless of race, age, or nationality. There is one brand that knows this all too well. The community was invited to join the frenzy of the World Cup with the launch of the social media campaign #vivoGiveIta Shot.

The 10 winning posts of the #vivoGiveItaShot social challenge
The 10 winning posts of the #vivoGiveItaShot social challenge

The goal with this sponsorship was to increase vivo's presence in the global market for its innovative portfolio of smartphones and use the power of social media to break down geographical barriers and connect people across the globe. vivo hopes to build awareness, strengthen credibility, and allow more people to gain a deeper understanding of the values that it is aiming for through various engaging online and offline activities

Creating innovation by connecting with global consumers.

The start of vivo's overseas expansion was marked by the expansion of the company to the Southeast Asia market. Over 400 million users have been served by vivo's mobile products and services in over 60 countries.

The success of the'more local, more global' strategy has helped the brand become one of the leading smartphones in the world.

Through key investments in sports sponsorship, social media strategy and user generated content, the company is proving that its marketing strategy is just as innovative and user focused as its phones.

The #vivoGiveItashot is a representation of sports and technology.

vivo has applied nearly 5,000 5G invention patents and submitted 10,300 5G proposals to the 3rd generation partnership project. The staff of the World Cup were provided with leading-edge technology to complete their preparations.

The #vivoGiveItaShot social media campaign promoted the message to action that safeguards the hope and global awareness.

The campaign recreated beautiful and impressive moments of football and showed the courage of people who tackle challenges. Sport and technology share a similar philosophy that embodies a spirit of innovation and belief in oneself that drives us further.

Participants were encouraged to share football-themed photographs or videos, including vivo and FIFA elements, with their entries using the #vivoGiveItaShot. The 10 most creative entrants were given a football and a phone. There was a chance for participants to win prizes and connect with a community of football fans. You can learn more about the campaign by clicking here.

Hundreds and thousands of posts were received on the #vivoGiveItashot challenge. The challenge on TikTok has attracted over 350,000 user-generated videos and over 700 million online views. Ni says, "We understand the value of sharing in today's age and have integrated this awareness into our products so users can capture memorable moments and share their joy with others." The goal of this activity is to create a space for rewarding the creativity of young people, as well as strengthen ties with our consumers.

The local campaign slogan "Give your dreams a shot" led to the formation of a league of football stars and celebrities. The campaign featured influential names. The next generation of superstars were given the certainty that anything is possible and the chance to try out their ideas in these personal accounts.

Jack Downer and vivo brought excitement to the streets and drove conversations. A public freestyle football challenge was posted on TikTok and was recorded with a new flagship phone. The highlights of the campaign can be seen here.

Sports and community are celebrated.

In order to boost its brand recognition among a wider global audience, vivo sponsors sporting events.

The previous sports sponsorships include the European Championship in 2020 and the Indian premier league in 2019.

The progress in the global market has been based on our user-driven mindset. It's possible to deliver experiences that users love. Sponsoring sports events and activities is one of the ways to communicate and connect with users.

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