Go Lowndes County

by Lindsey Francy Dec 2, 2022 News
Go Lowndes County

The new branding campaign is all about community engagement and using social media.

At the Board of Commissioner's mid-year meeting, the county's marketing team announced a new social media campaign called GOLOCO.

The intent of the GOLOCO brand is to lead the county in a direction of self-promotion and create a culture of advocacy.

There are so many places to visit inndes County. It's possible to experience it in your own backyard. Exploration and discovery are at the top of the mind with the logo. The design allows for different colors to be used.

If we have a breast cancer awareness event, we can change the color to pink. She said that if they did an event at VSU they could change to a Blazer theme.

According to Barwick, the staff has not promoted the brand in any way, but in August it launched anInstagram page for the county in order to repost residents' own posts about their exploits. She collected the following information.

500 followers in two months.

The top location is Valdosta, which makes up 55.2% of its followers.

Friday afternoons are the most active days for residents.

Women are the top demographic.

Those are the people who make the decisions about that. She said that those are the mamas going into the local stores to decide where they are going to take their kids for the weekend and where they are going to eat. When people put their pictures up on social media, we encourage them to use #golocoga and #lowndescountyga so that we can find them and share them. Promoting what people are already doing in our community and all the great things they have to offer is what it is.

The logo won't replace or interfere with the current county logo since the campaign will be delegated to social media.

The content creation for us is gorgeous. The people of the county took the pictures. When we repost those photos, we create a sense of pride for them as well. The atmosphere of promoting our county is going to be created by that. She said that it was the goal of the project.

Commissioner Scottie Orenstein is concerned about projects that have a successful launch but are not followed through. The nature of the campaign makes it suitable for sustainable living.

The original poster is notified every time we repost. Nine times out of 10, we will get a private message on social media thanking us for reposting. College students love it. It's a fun way to stay in touch with the community. It is a new animal that is different from our usual promotional efforts. She said that even the small businesses who use this platform should be doing better.

The county continues to focus on community engagement through upcoming projects such as Griner Park, an interactive green space that will connect residents to the county's social media.