How to Nail the Art of Visual Email Marketing

by Jacob Solomon Dec 2, 2022 News
How to Nail the Art of Visual Email Marketing

A high converting email is made up of these. There is one more thing you can do to get the maximum return on your email investment. That looks good. Almost half of marketers think visual marketing is very important for their marketing strategy. If the information is presented with a suitable image, 70% of the information will be remembered.

If you want your emails to make a difference, you need to use visuals.

Let's take a look at all the different types of visuals and rich media you can use to enhance the email's appearance.

1. Images

The first images that come to mind are static. Images can be used to display your product with a pretty picture or to break it down into smaller pieces. You can pull the plug on long text by using relevant images and a crisp copy.

Touch of Modern sent this email The perfect image that would appeal to shoppers is what they have included.

There is a source.

2. Illustrations

In emails, illustrations can be used to tell a story. According to a survey, illustrations and Infographics are doing better than other visual elements. You can use illustrations that add more value to the emails.

Here’s an email by Harry’s that uses an illustration to depict the awesomeness of their face wash packs.

There is a source.

3. 3D Images

The first 3D images were created in the 70s. They began to make their way to emails after establishing their identity in web designing. The images add depth to the design.

Burberry has incorporated a nice 3D image to promote their open spaces in the email.

4. GIFs

I'm going to show you the earliest use of GIFs in email.

In the year 2007, Lake Champlain Chocolates incorporated GIFs in their emails, and to their sheer surprise, it brought 49% higher conversions.

Dell was able to drive 109% revenue with the help of an animated laptop image in emails.

The benefits of animated GIFs are discussed below.

  • Displaying the huge range of products available in your eCommerce store
  • Inspiring wanderlust in the readers with enticing images of the destinations
  • Demonstrating the usage of your products
  • Promoting a new show released on your OTT platform
  • Executing occasion-based email marketing
  • Animating the typography to draw attention to an important message

Anthropologie uses animation to show its products. It makes the readers want to purchase it.

5. 3D Animations

3D animation is a step above the others. If you want to make the experience better, use 3D Gifs.

There is a source.

6. Animated Illustrations

There are illustrations with animation. They tell a story to the subscribers. You can use animated illustrations in your emails if you want to.

Grammarly sets the perfect example of using animated illustrations in their email promoting the midnight sale. The animated owl and clock form a great combination to convey the message.

7. Cinemagraphs

There are clips from a video or an animation. Cinemagraphs have a loop that takes the subscriber back to a previous moment.

Here’s an email example by Detour Coffee Roasters showing the use of cinematography in their welcome email.

Cinemagraphs can be used to add visual oomph to your emails. It will make the subscriber want to subscribe to watch the show.

8. Videos

There are ways to add videos in emails.

  1. Place a video thumbnail with the play button and take the reader to the landing page.
  2. Embed the video in the email itself and let it play therein.

You just have to put a static image in the email that looks like a video thumbnail.

Here’s an example.

Some coding expertise is required in the second option. Email client support is needed if you want to use embedded videos in email.

Take a look at this email template to experience an embedded video in it.

There are more ideas to make email stand out.

  1. You can use a monochrome design layout with a single color in the emails.
  2. Add gradients to reinforce visual hierarchy and get the emails read till the end. You can even experiment with innovative CTA buttons with gradients.
  3. The key to using visuals effectively is to follow the principles of visual hierarchy. Arrange the email components in a Z or F-shaped pattern to guide the readers. Also, adhere to the accessibility best practices.

There are pro-tips for adding visuals in emails.

  1. The text-to-image ratio should be maintained at 80:20.
  2. As email clients block images by default, add a suitable alt-text with every image. This will also be useful if the subscriber views the email with images turned off. It is an important accessibility best practice and aids the screen readers in conveying the message to subscribers with visual impairment.
  3. Don’t add important information and CTA in the images.
  4. An all-image email will trigger spam filters and hamper your email deliverability rate.
  5. Avoid stock photos at all costs. Real photographs work better if you want to leave a lasting impact on the subscriber’s mind.
  6. Animations should not flash between 2 to 55 Hz; otherwise, it will aggravate the condition of photosensitive epilepsy.
  7. Keep close tabs on the email file size to ensure fast loading. It will prevent cutting into the user’s Internet bandwidth.
  8. While adding GIFs and embedded videos, include a suitable fallback to curb rendering issues.
  9. Use images judiciously without getting over the board.
  10. Test the emails so that they render well across all the major email clients and devices.

Wrapping Up

Remember when it was hard to format emails with more than a picture? We have a lot of different options to choose from to make our emails more enjoyable. Adding interactivity to the visual appeal is possible. Take a test and see what works for you.

Email designs that appeal to your email subscribers should be created with creativity. It will bring you unparalleled results in terms of open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on investment.

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