Beacon Media Group and Flint & Steel to Deliver Integrated Agency Services in New Alliance

by Lindsey Francy Dec 1, 2022 News
Beacon Media Group and Flint & Steel to Deliver Integrated Agency Services in New Alliance

The two agencies have joined forces to offer full-service, comprehensive, integrated marketing services to their clients.

The new alliance will allow bothFlint and Steel clients to tap into a robust offering of world class creative solutions and strategically driven media, marketing and communications services.

Cindy Kelly is the head of client and brand partnerships at Beacon Media Group. As we continue to prioritize our clients' success, we know that elevating the value proposition will not only provide our clients with solutions they are looking for but also position us to open the door to larger consumer brands.

Powerful IMC leadership has been offered by the partnership ofBeacon Media Group andFlint Steel & Steel. They will support clients with multi-disciplined teams, creating solutions from strategy and branding to campaign development, execution and reporting.

Chris McKee, CEO ofFlint & Steel says, "We have collaborated with Beacon Media Group many times over the years and always felt the common purpose of engaging with consumers in the most intuitive and impactful ways." Our shared intent is ensured by the strategic alignment.

A full-service marketing, communications and media agency group focused on building meaningful connections between consumers and brands across a variety of industries. The voice of brands is brought to the forefront and made part of influential consumer conversation through PR, social media, and influencer marketing with the help ofBeacon Communications. The Beacon Media division offers media research, strategic planning and buying services for both traditional and emerging platforms.

Consumers are transformed into enthusiasts and brands are transformed into advocates by the marketing solutions created byFlint and Steel. Our clients get the functional benefits of an intellectual property from all of the different types of content. It is the only way to ensure new sales, advocacy, partners and more. Strategy, branding, advertising, content, product innovation, digital, promotions, loyalty programs, I.P. creation, gaming, and curriculum are some of the creative services provided byFlint and steel.