County Film, Tourism​ Director Appointed To State Tourism Council

by Samuel Pordengerg Nov 30, 2022 News
County Film, Tourism​ Director Appointed To State Tourism Council

The tourism and film director was appointed to the council. There is aShutterstock.

The New York State Tourism Advisory Council is chaired by Governor Kathy Hochul.

The council is made up of tourism professionals who are committed to supporting the New York State tourism industry and advising the state's Division of Tourism.

She has decades of experience supporting tourism in the state.

She was the director of tourism and film in Westchester for more than a decade and is a driving force behind the county's burgeoning film scene.

She worked as a consultant for brands such as Madison Square Garden. She ran strategic marketing and partnership operations for eight years.

The PRNews Platinum Award for content marketing was earned by the tourism marketing efforts for Westchester. A Bronze Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America is one of the awards.

The top 25 most extraordinary minds in sales, marketing and revenue maximization were named by the association.

Caputo has led Westchester County's tourism efforts with great success and never left a stone unturned in her mission to advance the County's reputation as a destination for film, food, travel and recreation.

She has helped us navigate through the toughest economic challenge our tourism partners have ever faced and she will be an amazing asset to New York State. It is a pleasure to have a fellow Westchester neighbor on the Council.

Caputo is a member of the tourism advisory council.

I love the city. She said that she has made a home in Westchester County and that the state has always given her opportunities.

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