How Modern Entrepreneurs Can Capitalize on Image and Video Searches

by Jacob Solomon Nov 30, 2022 News
How Modern Entrepreneurs Can Capitalize on Image and Video Searches

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Data on what moves people, consumers, and the internet at large is what drives effective content. The data behind the images that are being searched has been neglected in favor of how people search for things with written words.


If you wanted to create a tool on image and video search data, what better source than iStock. Luckily for marketers, entrepreneurs, and budget- savvy small businesses,VisualGPS Insights is now available, which is a new interactive visual trends tool, and wildly valuable to forward- thinking marketing campaigns.

You can get started right away by typing in a search term for an image or video. You can use the tool to inform your own campaigns, visual selections, and so on. The tool gives tons of information that can help inform, guide, and inspire more effective content creation.

The type-in search bar can be found on the iStockVisualGPS Insights page. Let's say you want to typeentrepreneur. From there, a wealth of results and data will be generated, and you can filter it based on location and industry. If you want to find something in the US in the last six months, you could do that. The tool can show you things like interest in your search term over time and by industry, as well as related search terms and images and videos related toentrepreneur.

The iStock visualGPS insights tool has been praised by several publications. Save 25 percent off images and videos on iStock during its final sale of the year with a promo code.

The prices are subject to change.

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