Find the right platform to reach Gen Z

by Lindsey Francy Nov 30, 2022 News
Find the right platform to reach Gen Z

The director of integrated marketing, digital, and creative at the $7.9 billion asset credit union said that PSECU's focus on corporate social responsibility meshes with Gen Z. Being part of the community is what we are all about. Gen Zers get excited about what a credit union can do compared to a bank once they know what a credit union can do.

It's important to find the right platform to engage with Gen Z. Laurie Cappelli is the president and CEO of Community Credit Union of Florida.

The credit union saw an ideal way to engage young adults in financial education when they posted to this platform. The Community Credit Union of Florida took an intentional approach to TikTok.

A full-blown marketing campaign was launched with this series. To make a statement, you have to know what you're trying to accomplish and what questions you're trying to answer.

The panel at the high schools spoke about their worst financial mistakes, what they would do over again, and the best decisions they have made. The sessions were videotaped by staff as part of the financial liftoff sessions.

There were 65 TikTok videos posted by the Community Credit Union of Florida.

To hit the right notes on TikTok, Cappelli suggests hiring an expert or training someone on staff to make sure the campaign succeeds.

The credit union was able to find localinfluencers who would catch the attention of high school students.

A Florida Institute of Technology student and an aspiring astronauts, as well as Emily Zeck of Pineapple Girl Swimwear and Tinasha Dorsey of Bling by Tinasha, were featured in the series.

The staff looked at how many followers they had, what they posted, and their image to see if they fit the credit union's values.

Four of the participants in the 321 Financial Liftoff series are already members of the Community Credit Union of Florida, according to Dan Kelley.

Maybe they have 30,000 followers in your local market.

Seth Spiro

Advertising alone is no longer enough to interrupt people's lives.

Spiro's name isSeth.

Credit unions must use content and influencers in a way that fits the particular platform, says Seth Spiro, chief marketing officer at $2 billion asset Tyndall Federal Credit Union in Panama City, Fla. His preferred medium is video.

He says that video is important for any content marketer who wants to help members with financial education and wellbeing. There's a lot of information to be shared. Small snippets and bite-size content can be done in video.

Credit unions interested in TikTok should start as soon as possible, be creative, and allocate enough time to gather engaging, creative, and authentic content.

The credit union wouldn't use the platform to sell products. Spiro thinks it is a great way to educate members and show their service philosophy.

We are here to lend a helping hand. Understanding how members can build their financial health is part of that. Advertising alone is no longer enough to interrupt people's lives. Content people want to engage with is what marketers need to come up with.

He says that they have an incredible story to tell and a lot of useful information to give to members. We should be careful. There are a lot of opportunities out there.

Members of Generation Z, who are more racially and ethnically diverse than any previous generation, use social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram as their primary source of financial information, according to Raddon.

They are most interested in stock market investments and reward programs. Financial education and advice is one of the things that roughly one-third of people want.

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