Proven Winners hosts Content Creators Roundtable event

by Anna Munhin Nov 29, 2022 News
Proven Winners hosts Content Creators Roundtable event

Proven Winners hosts Content Creators Roundtable event
Creators Roundtable attendees joined by the Proven Winners team. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

The brand hosted their first-ever Content Creator's Roundtable at their new offices.

A group of content creators were welcomed to the new headquarters of Proven Winners.

A group of plant experts traveled to DeKalb to learn more about the brand's plans for new products and gardener solutions that will launch in 2023.

The event gave the creators a "behind the scenes" look at the Proven Winners brand and highlighted the upcoming introductions in leafjoy houseplants, Heart to Heart caladiums and Proven Winners annuals. Other soon-to-be released solutions for gardeners include AquaPots, Twist 'n Plant, and fully compostable Eco+ Grande containers.

The experts from Proven Winners, Spring Meadow Nursery, Classic Caladiums, and The Plant Company were present. The intensive trialing and evaluation process is used to introduceProven Winners plants.

Wyoming, Connecticut, New York, California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Idaho, North Carolina, Maryland, and Florida are some of the states that produced the content. They reach millions of consumers who are interested in gardening, plants and lifestyles.

According to Amy Buhrow, the director of marketing at Proven Winners, gardening continues to grow as a passion across North America. More than one million people are members of the Proven Winners Facebook community.

The high interest in gardening that continues to grow across the country is reflected in the response by the first group of content creators. Buhrow said that the insights, excitement and great level of engagement throughout the event made them even more excited.

I came out of the last few days with a great deal of respect for proven winners. It takes a lot of time, care and pride to make a product. "It is obvious that you all love what you do, and it is contagious." It was amazing to be in a room filled with people who are passionate about gardening and want to make the world a better place. I was completely enamored with the plants and processes shown to us.

Plantpeddler facilitates coverage of unique poinsettias
Photo courtesy of Plantpeddler

An article about novelty and poinsettia varieties was published by Better homes and gardens magazine.

Chris Markham Industry News Varieties Marketing

In the December issue of BHG magazine, Plantpeddler collaborated with the magazine to feature non-traditional, novelty and unique Christmas plants. Mike Gooder shared what went into this project.

The goal of the article was to promote the fact that there are more options than just red Poinsettias. The traditional red-green color scheme of the holiday season is what most people think of when they think of Poinsettias. According to Gooder, Plantpeddler wants to change what poinsettias can be. The ultimate goal of the article is to work magic at retail for the smaller independent garden centers.

The red poinsettia is a crop that has been abused by marketing. Poinsettias became a loss leader at Black Friday due to the amount of devaluation that went on. Quality suffered because we went from being a $15 to $20 premium retail flowering plant to a get-six-for-$10- or-$2.00-apiece crop. The image of the Christmas tree was badly damaged.

Bryant says that big-box stores have limited colors. It's almost dominated by red, and maybe you used to see some pinks and whites, but now it's mostly red. There are a lot of people that don't know about the fancy colors that are out there. It's wonderful that Better homes and gardens could take it to the public and show off some of the unique things that poinsettias bring to the holiday season.

Bryant says that they put a mix of new things in their production. When we send the poinsettias to retailers, they're always going to get some unique novelty, along with their red, whites and pinks, but they're also going to get some unique novelty.

There is some risk in expanding into less standard colors. Everyone in the supply chain has to be willing to take risks.

The hardest thing to do is get the customer to buy a novelty item. When they began selling painted poinsettias, Plantpeddler took a risk. Gooder says, "We had to guarantee to retailers, and I had almost a 100% claim because no one wanted a blue poinsettia, but now we sell thousands and thousands."

If you want to change the dynamic of the conversation, you have to go there.

Gooder hopes that consumers will ask retailers for non-red Poinsettias this holiday season. The goal is for consumer demand to start a domino effect, where retailers will tell growers that they need more novelty varieties for the next holiday season, and so growers will offer those varieties for the next season.

6 new varieties earn AAS Winner award

Six new award-winning varieties will be announced by All- America Selections.

There are six new AAS winners available for the garden season in the years to come. Consumers who will be asking for these proven performers will have plenty of time to find them.

All AAS winners are tested by professional, independent, volunteer judges who grow new, never before sold entries next to comparisons that are considered best-in-class. The AAS award designation only goes to entries that have superior garden performance.

There are new AAS winners every year.

There were previously announced AAS winners.

Profile Products acquires Quick Plug from Dümmen Orange
Logo courtesy of Profile Products

Profile Products has a foothold in the controlled environment agriculture space with the acquisition of QuickPlug.

The acquisition of Quick Plug was announced by Profile Products. The Quick Plug products, technologies, employees and facilities in the Netherlands, Canada and Oregon were acquired by Dmmen Orange.

Profile Products is able to support food production to ensure food security around the world with the addition of Quick Plug. A like minded team that shares our vision of growth through innovative technology will be joining us.

Quick Plug was initially focused on improving the propagation of tropical plants but has grown and developed its portfolio beyond that. Quick Plug has found a new home with the acquisition by Profile Products. The core activities of Dmmen Orange will continue.

The acquisition broadens Profile's media product portfolio beyond the essentials. Quick Plug media products increase germination rates and effectively manage water. Customers will be able to create optimum growing media solutions to support urban food production and enhance the cultivation of all young plants if Quick Plug and Profile are combined.

Profile has acquired four times in the last two years and the second in three months. A new manufacturing facility will be opening soon. Profile is now a reliable supplier of sustainable products thanks to the Quick Plug acquisition.

Quick Plug is proud to join Profile's hard-working team who share our vision of bringing sustainable solutions to meet growers' needs. Better customer guidance and innovative product solutions can be provided by combining our product offerings.

Quick Plug joins Profile’s extensive global footprint, which includes proven technologies for erosion control, horticulture, specialty agriculture, sports field conditioning and golf course construction and maintenance. 

OASIS Grower Solutions launches new website
Photo courtesy of OASIS Grower Solutions

The site navigation is easy to use and helps growers make informed decisions.

While OASIS Grower Solutions is well known for its ability to help growers grow more in the greenhouse, it is also proud to help growers do the same online with the launch of its new website.

"We are very excited to consolidate all of our product information into one site and provide online shopping for our customers in North America," said Bill Riffey, global director of the company.

The new OASIS Grower Solutions website has a clean and simple look that is consistent with the sterile, clean nature of its growing media. It is easy to navigate the site to help growers make informed decisions.

Propagation, Hydroponics, and Post Harvest are the three categories on the OASIS Grower Solutions website. Visitors can find the full line of OASIS brand products in their various sizes and configurations within just a few clicks. Product usage instructions, protocol videos and instructional videos will be added to the site in the future.

Visit to learn more about OASIS Grower Solutions.