Bob Iger lays out his priorities for Disney as he returns as CEO

by Lindsey Francy Nov 29, 2022 News
Bob Iger lays out his priorities for Disney as he returns as CEO

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Bob Iger was back at Disney headquarters on Monday to meet with employees for the first time since he unexpectedly returned as the company's CEO.

Disney's current hiring freeze and what Iger plans to focus on when it comes to the Disney+ streaming platform were some of the topics discussed by Iger. He made a point of highlighting his priority as he took back the reins.

Disney CEO Robert Iger told employees during a town hall meeting that the hiring freeze would remain in place.

He had a hiring freeze announced by his predecessor. Iger became the new head of Disney after a short time.

Iger said it was the right thing to do to keep the freeze in place. The duration of the hiring halt will be a factor as he addresses Disney's cost structure.

At a time of great difficulty and scrutiny for Disney, the announcement of Iger's return comes at a time. A streaming business that is growing but losing money is included.

The main factor in Disney's success was growth, according to Iger. The focus now is on the bottom line and how much we are losing and when we will be profitable.

He said the company needs to start chasing profitability instead of chasing subs. He said that Disney needs to take a hard look at its cost structure in order to do that.

"Creativity" is the main focus for the company according to Iger.

Iger said that he was obsessed with Disney's creative muscle. I'm obsessed with that for reasons. The company is driven by it.

Iger said that it's not about how much Disney creates, but how great the things are.

Iger did not take long to put his mark on the company. After he became CEO, he reorganized Disney's distribution structure and said that the chairman of the unit would leave.

Iger said on his first day back that he was filled with gratitude and excited to be back.

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