Catch the Sun Communications launches services for Australian clients

by Lindsey Francy Nov 28, 2022 News
Catch the Sun Communications launches services for Australian clients

The Australian market has been launched by the virtual editorial and content agency 'Catch the Sun Communications'.

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Australian advertising and marketing clients are being offered the impossible: more hours in their day.

The working day of UK and Europe-based clients has been extended by Catch the Sun for nearly six years. During Australian office hours, the agency completes copywriting, editing and proofreading work for northern-hemiosphere clients while they sleep, with projects ready and waiting in UK inboxes every morning.

The agency is reversing this model to benefit local Australian advertising agencies and marketing firms, using an impressive team of editorial and content freelancer professionals in the UK to complete projects over night.

The natural movement of the sun around the globe prolongs production hours and ensures tight delivery deadlines are always met.

There isn't enough time in the day for catch the sun communications to exist. As a marketing project approaches its deadline, I know this is especially true because I have spent nearly 15 years in Australian and UK ad agencies. Not only does catch the sun increase the potential daily working hours for our agencies and busy marketing department clients, but we provide them with certainty knowing their content is both excellent quality and error free.

Most of the writers in the catch the sun network are from the advertising, marketing, or publishing industries. Highly skilled working mothers are part of the network and want flexible careers that fit around their families.

The agency makes it easy to add an artwork version to a campaign, whether it is a new website, a university prospectus, an annual report, or a complex press or direct mail campaign.

Imperial College London and the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance are two of the UK internal marketing departments that Catch the Sun Communications works with. Many agencies in the UK have responded well to this unique model, which allows Catch the Sun to help many agencies and their clients.

The ideas house partners with catch the sun on major client projects and uses her network as part of their team on the other side of the world

The ideas house is working with catch the sun We can extend this value to our clients on a regular basis thanks to their offer. The partnership between the ideas house and catch the sun is working well for us as a female-run agency. I think reversing their model will be a huge success.

As an extension of an ad agency's account handling team or company's marketing department, catch the sun is often used. They can provide expert quality assurance before dispatch to print, help them to create high-quality content, and help them to use an outsourcing process to approve work.

It is possible for clients to hire entire editorial teams for remote project work.

The Australian National University, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2B Advertising, and more are some of the local Australian clients of catch the sun.

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