Taylor tasked with promoting Laurens County as a tourism destination

by Samuel Pordengerg Nov 28, 2022 News
Taylor tasked with promoting Laurens County as a tourism destination

The Laurens Chamber of Commerce has a tourism manager. The program of tourism development and promotion for Laurens County is being created and managed by this position.

The role is an expansion of the Chamber team, fulfilling the vision they have had for years, according to the CEO/ President of the Chamber.

Munyan said that the Chamber has done a good job promoting the County assets and experiences with a small team. There are more opportunities we want to pursue in the area of tourism promotion and a dedicated team member will allow us to accomplish our goals.

The position creates and manages a comprehensive program of tourism development and promotion.

The emphasis in public relations, marketing and advertising, social media and event planning that Taylor has in her background will help her in this position. She will be in charge of partnerships with various counties.

The primary responsibility is to grow tourism- related revenues in Laurens County through the effective use of strategic planning, leadership skills, community assets, industry knowledge and relationships.

Munyan said that this position is the next step for the county because of the tourists.

She says that Laurens' close proximity to major interstates makes it easy to travel there.

Munyan believes in highlighting the outdoor recreational activities, such as trails and waterways, as well as many unique festivals and events that will draw visitors.

The Revolutionary War Sestercentennial event will be one of the first big events she markets to the public.

Munyan said that they were working closely with the Laurens County 250th Revolutionary War Committee to promote the Sestercentennial. The projects will draw people to Laurens County for a long time.

The event will be promoted and marketed to a larger audience by Taylor.