5G rollout to be faster in India, gears from neighbouring countries need more checks: Nokia India official

by Lindsey Francy Nov 27, 2022 News
5G rollout to be faster in India, gears from neighbouring countries need more checks: Nokia India official

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 India is going to witness the fastest rollout of 5G which will be at least three times faster than what we have seen in 4G, says Nokia India Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Amit Marwah. | Photo Credit: PRASHANT NAKWE

India is going to have the fastest 5G roll out in the world and it will have the biggest success of the next generation telecom service with the government's support.

While speaking at an event organised by the Foreign Correspondent Club on Friday evening, the head of marketing and corporate affairs of Nokia India, without naming China, expressed concern over 'infiltration equipment' in telecom sector from neighbours.

India is at the right time. Compared to other countries, the rest of the country has less to do with the ecosystems. There is a 5G-readyecosystem. In India, 10% of the phones are 5G ready. Mr. Marwah said that India will see the fastest roll out of 5G which will be three times faster than 4G.

Over the next couple of years, the 5G services will cover the entire country, as promised by both Reliance and Bharti.

Mr. Marwah said that telecom manufacturing is growing in India thanks to thePLI scheme.

We were a part of the first edition. Only a few companies were able to meet and exceed their targets. We let go of the scheme and the incentive because it was more interesting than before. India's volumes and scale are increasing so much that you have to give up for a year. He said that they are investing more and adding more lines now that they are part of PLI 2.0.

Up to 20 times incentive is offered on the sale of telecom gear made in India. The second version of the PLI scheme has added incentives for Indian designers.

According to Mr. Marwah, manufacturing is on a very positive note in India, but definitely in telecom.

There is only one challenge at the moment and that is the availability of chips. The majority of what we make requires some kind of electronics. There is still work to be done in that area. Mr. Marwah said that there is still some kind of intrusion of equipment from neighboring countries into the telecom sector.

The 5G adoption and applications are expected to be more diverse in India compared to other countries according to the deputy director general of the department of telecom.

Most of the use cases across the world remind us that we may have to innovate to meet most of the requirements in the future.

"5G is the biggest opportunity in technology so far, for India to bridge what we have typically referred to asBharat and India", said Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth.

There is a huge opportunity for us to convertPukiWikiPukiWikiPukiWikiPukiWikisPukiWikisPukiWikisPukiWikisPukiWikissPukiWikissPukiWikisss High yields can be achieved by producing smarter networks and delivering products.

There is a need to reskill 25 lakh people in the telecom sector in the next few years due to the shift from 4G to 5G.

In the next few years, we need to have at least one lakh technicians and engineers, who have been trained specifically on 5G courses for the new job requirements, with the help of the industry. 5G will open up big requirements for a talented workforce and we are training the youth in new age technologies.

The curriculum and digital content for training are being developed by the TSSC.