iion launches ‘immersiion’

by Samuel Pordengerg Nov 24, 2022 News
iion launches ‘immersiion’

iion, the global adtech company that is reinventing monetisation and advertising for gaming, today launches immersiion, a first-of-its-kind self-serve advertising platform. immersiion is changing the way brands connect with their audience in gaming environments.

The first platform that scales in-game advertising is Immersiion. Advertisers can serve rich creative options that speak their customers' language and deliver contextually relevant messages with immersiion.

The end result is a fun experience for the brand's audience to engage with advertising campaigns.

There is ample evidence to show that gaming is a booming industry that attracts a diverse mix of ages and genders. The average age of a video game player is 31 years. The group with the highest number of players is between 18 and 34 years old. Those under 18 make up 20% of the next group. The least common age group for gaming is those over the age of 65. 45% of the world's gaming population is made up of females.

Video game usage has increased by 75% and demand for interactive games has increased since the swine flu epidemic. Over the last two years, revenue from in-game advertising has increased for nearly all game genres. According to a new report, the value of the gaming market is expected to reach a value of $507 billion by the year 2027.

There is no universally applicable formula for maximizing IGA revenue according to the IGA Global Market Report. iion's immersiion platform enables developers and advertisers to scale their mobile gaming revenue with a custom-fit approach.

  • In-game: Non-intrusive advertising solutions that blend in-game for an optimal gaming experience.
  • Around the game: Advertising opportunities are made available during a gaming experience, but not directly within the gameplay itself. Some examples of this include banners, interstitials, playable or rewarded videos.
  • Away from the game: Reaching gamers in the omnipresent ecosystem outside of gameplay where they consume gaming news, streaming and content marketing.

The gaming community is a huge opportunity for advertisers. immersiion is the first-ever advertising platform that connects game publishers and brands through aholistic targeting experience within all IAB-defined gaming environments.

In-game advertising is the first platform to really scale in-game advertising, where you can run innovative types of campaigns across Mobile, PC and console games with display, video and audio formats.

According to the latest research, people spend more time watching in-game ads than other digital channels. The gaming viewers are focused on the screen. In today's digital environment, you won't find that opportunity elsewhere.

This is the first game advertising platform that isimmersiion.

  • Offers advertising solutions catered to the entire gaming ecosystem, including in-game ads at scale across mobile, PC, console, cloud and e-sports across display, video and audio formats
  • Is the only platform to target all 3 IAB gaming environments (in the game, around the game and away from the game)
  • Targets any audience segment + contextually relevant placement across those environments
  • Enables advertisers to create engaging standard, rich media and video creative ads seamlessly inside the same platform, A/B test creative
  • Provides near real-time reporting to measure reach and performance metrics and automatically blacklist individual games/apps/websites, if not hitting target metrics/parameters
  • Targets all 3 media types (display, audio and video) inside its holistic game-tech platform

There are no obstacles to entry on the platform. Advertisers and marketers are able to target inventory down to the ad-unit level on the platform.

One of the fastest growing fields of marketing today isIGA. The games help brands communicate with their target market. The adoption of digital transformation technologies worldwide, the popularity of mobile gaming and increasing strategic alliances among game developers are some of the reasons for the growth rate.

The market is excited to haveimmersiion. It gives brands a new and exciting way to create meaningful connections, find their audience in all gaming environments, select the right games to reach them, serve rich creative options to speak in their language and deliver the right message.

Due to the crowded and complex nature of the gaming world and its position in this booming sector, brands need a solution that is backed by significant experience and industry know-how.

New ways to connect with their audience are needed by brands. Advertisers and consumers can connect with each other through gaming, which is a new channel.

At iion, we understand the dynamics of gaming and connect brands to their target audience when they play their favorite game. We have a strong partner network that supports brands throughout their journey.

Iion is committed to growth on the global stage while meeting the highest industry standards with trusted partners including, IAB, TAG and Pixalate. iion is dedicated to taking responsibility over its impact on the environment and is committed to net- zero initiative.