Amagi Acquires Streamwise To Add More Power To Its Streaming Data Analytics Solutions

by Samuel Pordengerg Nov 24, 2022 News
Amagi Acquires Streamwise To Add More Power To Its Streaming Data Analytics Solutions

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Streamwise, an early stage data aggregation and reporting platform for content distributors, has been acquired by Amagi. Automatic and standardizing data collection is what Streamwise is known for. Amagi's data solutions capabilities will be enhanced by the acquisition.


Streamwise's data platform is an excellent value addition to Amagi's SSAI-based ad offerings. Together, we can enable content brands to shape their programming, maximize their distribution and generate better return on investment.

With Streamwise, Amagi will be able to integrate its proprietary as well as third-party data to give content brands with insightful, unified analytics. Amagi's customers will be able to gain actionable business insights in a centralized and automated manner thanks to Streamwise. As a stand-alone offering, Streamwise will be offered by Amagi. Customers will be able to subscribe to Streamwise solutions once it is integrated with the Amagi product suite. Amagi offers a complete suite of solutions for channel creation, distribution and monetization.

"Our combined offering will help content distributors make smart decisions and scale their business in the streaming economy by saving content, sales, marketing, and finance executives from repetitive, manual, and error prone processes," said Doug Shineman, CEO of Streamwise, who is joining Amagi to lead business

Amagi's 24x7 cloud-managed services bring simplicity, advanced automation, and transparency to the broadcast operations. Amagi supports over 700 content brands, more than 800 playout chains, and over 2200 channel deliveries on its platform in over 40 countries.