World of Champions viewers to create lip-synching content

by Anna Munhin Nov 24, 2022 News
World of Champions viewers to create lip-synching content
football24 November 2022 12:06

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The Sounds of the World Cup campaign is a partnership between SuperSport and Arap Uria, as well as other continental social media stars, in order to promote the upcoming World Cup in the state of Qatar.

Sounds of the World Cup is a platform that allows fans to be part of and create euphoria around the world cup Fans will be able to create their own lip-syncing content on TikTok as a result of the World Cup commentary campaign.

The inspiration behind the campaign was not only to get fans to watch the World Cup in HD on SuperSport, but also to give them an opportunity to co-create with each other.

"As SuperSport, we are thrilled to join forces with Arap, YoungNobleCommentary, and SayLogan, who are some of the biggest content curators across the continent right now." The lip-synching challenge is a perfect opportunity for our viewers to showcase their authentic talent while enjoying the biggest sporting event of the year, the world cup in qatar The content lead campaign will showcase the joy, madness, excitement and content creation talent.

Uria said he was looking forward to hearing and embracing all the unique content from the SuperSport viewers.

Football fans like to celebrate the beautiful game at the World Cup. The partnership with SuperSport is an exciting opportunity to represent fans across the continent in a meaningful way. As a content creator, Sounds of the World Cup has created a platform for us to reminisce and give Africans a reason to be excited about the World Cup.

SuperSport has always been at the forefront of bringing us Africans world-class World Cup action and I'm excited to embark on this creative concept with them.

The World Cup starts on the 20th of November and lasts until the 18th of December.

You can watch the World Cup on SuperSport. Press "Options" on your remote to find languages in your area.