3 Things to know about International SEO

by Samuel Pordengerg Nov 24, 2022 News
3 Things to know about International SEO

The world has grown so small that many businesses are experiencing growth they didn't think was possible.

If you want to reach out to a more global market, you may want to use a company with experience in ranking websites in multiple countries and in more than one language.

If you want to improve your ranking in multiple countries, here are the basics.

What does International SEO really mean?

International search engine ranking is called internationalseo. In some cases this means in more than one language, but in other cases it means a single language.

Imagine that you sell books in English. Your website is good in the UK, but not so good in other English speaking countries such as Australia or the US.

How can you improve your ranking? Is there a way to make your website more efficient so that you can sell in more countries?

How to tell Google what global markets you are targeting

Absolutely! You can make sure that your website is seen by an international audience.

Consider having multiple pages of the same content

Do you know what? Will this be duplicated content? You can specify the ISO language and ISO country code in the section of the page that you want.

The US is listed as the country in this example.

English as the language and the US as the country

The UK is specified as the country in this example.

English as the language and the UK as the country

There are many examples for French.

multiple languages

It is a good example of why you want to have multiple pages in the same language.

The United States spelling is color and favor.

The UK spelling is color and favour.

The ISO country and language attributes should be added to each web page to make subtle text changes. It's for example:


Product 1.html is available in the UK.

They will now give you increased ranking consideration in both Markets.

More can be accomplished.

Get the right backlinks

Ranking success is dependent on links from within the target markets. Once we get the ISO attributes in place and start getting local links through outreach, we begin to see traffic increases.

You have created your UK and US pages. What are we going to do next?

For example, if you want the UK to be pointed at the UK page, you should get the US to point at the US page. Regional links are seen as recommendations from the local markets by the search engine. Both the US and UK product pages should rank better in the US market.

Consider a local presence

You don't need to open an office. I would be happy to manage your office in Paris.

You can still have a presence even if it is a serviced office. You can get a local number that forwards to the internet chat service. You can even assign members of your staff to each office if you want.

The Takeaways

To reach a broader international audience, there are some keyseo considerations. There are more keys to gaining traffic across the globe, but if you follow the advice, you will be able to build on it.

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