Australian adtech iion launches self-serve advertising platform for gaming

by Samuel Pordengerg Nov 23, 2022 News
Australian adtech iion launches self-serve advertising platform for gaming

L to R: iion co-founders Sanjaya Molligoda, Wout van Damme and Giuseppe Martoriello; image supplied by iion.

imersiion is a self serve advertising platform built for the gaming industry.

The first platform that scales in-game advertising is immersiion.

Advertisers can serve rich creative options that speak their customers' language and deliver contextually relevant messages by selecting the right games.

iion's immersiion platform enables developers and advertisers to scale their mobile gaming revenue with a custom-fit approach.

  • In-game: Non-intrusive advertising solutions that blend in-game for an optimal gaming experience.
  • Around the game: Advertising opportunities are made available during a gaming experience, but not directly within the gameplay itself. Some examples of this include banners, interstitials, playable or rewarded videos. 
  • Away from the game: Reaching gamers in the omnipresent ecosystem outside of gameplay where they consume gaming news, streaming and content marketing.

The gaming community represents a huge opportunity for advertisers.

immersiion is the first-ever advertising platform that connects game publishers and brands through aholistic targeting experience within all IAB-defined gaming environments.

immersion is the first platform to scale in-game advertising, where you can run innovative types of campaigns across Mobile, PC and console games with display, video and audio formats.

According to the latest research, people spend more time watching in-game ads than other digital channels. The gaming viewers are focused on the screen. In today's digital environment, you won't find that opportunity elsewhere.

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