Estonia's Modash sweeps up $2 million to connect influencer marketing to API plugins

by Samuel Pordengerg Nov 23, 2022 News

Modash is raising $2 million in seed money.

Modash will be three years old at the end of the year. The Canadian CEO arrived in Estonia on a special startup visa, and then joined the co-founder at Modash at the end of the year.

The creators of the currency exchange, payments and cross-border bank Wise, which started in London, are some of the best talent in the country.

Modash sources say that there's no plan to take their business away from the capital city of Estonia.

It's easy to see why withEstonia being advantaged by Europe-leading digital infrastructures, going back to the software development of Skype in 2003 For the past seventeen years, online polling stations have featured in elections.

Modash wants to be a platform for brands who want to strike up an immediate scale with creator marketing strategies.

Modash's directory ofinfluencers from across the world brings in performance and audience data for the likes of Wolt and Bolt.

According to the company, if they're on this planet, you'll find them in Modash.

Modash says that the startup secured a near 10x round-to-round funding multiple for its second raise after raising $200,000 pre-seed.

ChangeVentures, a pan-Baltic seed fund and backer of Veriff, led the seed round, followed by Tomas Slimas, Kristjan Vilosius, and Akim Arhipov are among the angel investors.

Rait Ojasaar believes that Modash is the linchpin between brands, creators and society.

"Sure, the first goal is to help brands find and partner with creators, but this is a complex flywheel that we haven't seen anyone approach the way Modash is."

Modash thinks it can use the space for brands who need new places to share their stories with consumers.

If you sign up for its free trial, you will be able to see a key influencer's performance metrics, as well as any fake followers.

Customers can find profiles in specific target markets or languages with the help of the paid-for app. Through the use of APIs, creators are able to integrate with their existing campaigns.

This paves the way for brands to use the "subcultures" built and supported by social media's content creators.

"They allow free thought in ways that aren't possible for a media organisation." The more novel ideas are shared, the more effective we are at learning, making decisions, and avoiding evil as a society. The antidote to centralized ideas is independent creators.