Welcome to Exchange!

by Jacob Solomon Nov 23, 2022 News
Welcome to Exchange!

The second annual Exchange conference will be held in Miami Beach, Florida, in February, and we are excited to be a part of it.

The conference website, ExchangeETF.com, as well as on our Exchange Channel, will be the places to find event details over the next few months. Content is what I am most excited about.

I want to hear what you think about what we have planned. You can email me at dave.nadig@vettafi.com with questions or suggestions.

The exchange conference is what it is.

Exchange is the largest event of its kind. Exchange is about having a conversation about the most important, interesting, and provocative issues and challenges shaping the financial advisory business right now.

Our team has combined decades of conference-crafting experience, and we have surveyed hundreds of advisors on what they value most at these industry events. A rather delicious buffet of options has been created by us.

Sharing experiences help break us out of our own reality tunnels and make real, lasting human connections. We emphasized a content agenda for Exchange that prioritized things to do over listening. We want a cohesive experience that includes everything from chatting with friends by the pool to interacting with asset managers face-to-face.

There will be opportunities to give back throughout the event space. We want to provide a continuous stream of opportunities to connect, have a conversation, learn something, teach something, and leave smarter and better at what we do.

There are two stages of eligible content.

While our conference team is busy designing every corner of the Exchange experience, my personal focus is what is on stage, the formal, structured content that traditionally happens at a 2000 person event like Exchange. We have what we have so far, but some details are still being worked out.

Exchange programming will be held in two primary venues which will be in the thick of the event.

  • The DREAM Stage: Here’s where you’ll hear big keynotes from household names, provocative debates, and the best ideas from successful investors and financial advisors. The Dream stage is where we’ll start and end Exchange, as well as where we’ll come together for tentpole sessions.  Don’t worry if you can’t find a seat, though: Dream Stage content will be broadcast throughout the venue, in lounges and breakout rooms.
  • The STREAM Stage: Big ideas meet practical advice from the leading thinkers in finance, economics, psychology, and beyond. Every session on the Stream Stage will be streamed live over the internet and presented “silent disco” style from the heart of the event, even with live internet and audience Q&A. Don’t worry if you miss sessions on the Stream Stage, though; these sessions will be available post-event for attendees and FOMO-suffers alike.

Content will be eligible for credit if it's available. We don't promise every session will count as a credit-hour, but our intent is to make sure anyone who needs the credits will walk away with fifteen to twenty credits over the course of the event.

Ethics training, industry conclave, and more.

Each day of the event has a different theme, and on Sunday the theme is "Get Smart."

Two core blocks of content will be offered to advisers. One of your biggest requirements for ethics training will be knocked out by a 2CE-credit block. The session will cover the new codes, standards, reporting requirements, and conflict of interest management.

The second block will cover everything from how redemption works to the best use cases for the structure. We want to give 10 to 20 hours of CE credit for advisors who need them, so we will be updating the agenda weekly with more information.

While most of our attendees will be advisors, we will also host a few hours on Sunday for the issuer and service provider community as well.

Everyone will leave Sunday with a few new connections and new ideas.

Ian Bremmer is featured on tomorrow's big ideas.

On the first day of Exchange, the theme isTomorrow's big ideas. Trends, challenges, and opportunities that will shape the way advisors conduct business over the next month, year, and decade are what we want to show. Taking blinders off and thinking about different ways of modeling the world is what Monday is about.

Ian Bremmer, founder and President of the Eurasia Group and author of The Power of Crisis, will be the first person to speak. Ian will help us understand how the world is changing so quickly.

We will break into two tracks of content with the help of Bremmer's analysis of the global poly crisis.

On the DREAM stage, we will tackle big issues in advisor workflows, kicking off with a panel of advisors sharing stories and real-world advice about how they have successfully navigated market downturns, succession planning, hypergrowth and M&A.

100 minutes of challenging content will be presented on the STREAM stage. A tour of the latest thinking in science, philosophy, economics, and sociology could challenge fundamental beliefs about everything from the nature of reality to the validity of our economic models. Tom Morgan from KCP Group and Adam Butler from Resolve Asset Management will be keeping us on track as we develop this block of content. My goal is for you to walk away with a dozen new ways of thinking about markets and the people that make them up, as well as a map to guide your understanding of how markets work.

Real-world strategy and advice are today's best approaches.

The theme for day two is "Today's Best Approaches", where you'll get to hear current ideas from leading thought leaders on the biggest issues of the day.

There will be a lot of investing focused sessions on the DREAM stage. There are some highlights so far.

  • TINA Troubles: With a live rates market for the first time in a long time, we’ll convene a group of sharp macro-economists and portfolio managers to discuss the case for global equities, and perhaps the case against them.
  • Bonds at the Edge: Bonds aren’t so boring anymore, and fixed income has been moving in interesting new directions. We’ll convene leading bond investors and portfolio managers to tease apart where there’s real opportunity.
  • Income Investing Beyond the AGG: Recent product developments in fixed income have largely been about slicing credit, maturity and issuer vectors into finer, tradable buckets. How should advisors think about these newly minted, razor-sharp tools?
  • Alternatives Go Mainstream: From managed futures to private credit and hedge fund replication, have alts ETFs finally found their footing with investors? We’ll look at the approaches that dominated 2022 and help you position your alts exposure in a rough market environment.
  • American Energy at a Crossroads: No traditional sector garnered more investor attention in 2022 than energy. This in-depth conversation, led by VettaFi’s director of energy research Stacey Morris, will focus on the fact and fiction of American energy independence, what people get wrong about energy investing, and why even the most die-hard, green-energy investor needs to understand the oil patch.

We are putting together a schedule of sessions on key issues in practice management.

We are kicking off with a morning workshop from Brian Portnoy. You will learn how to turn human's story-hungry nature into a critical asset for working with clients. He will be joined by Dr.Preston Cherry of Concurrent Financial Planning to learn more about how stories work in the real world of client relationships.

The 10 most important ideas shaping the world will be reviewed by Jeff Desjardins ofVisual Capitalist and Investopedia'sCaleb Silver. Michael Batnick from Ritholtz Wealth Management will be with us to show us some of the hottest ideas in financial technology. Content marketing and social media approaches for advisors will be covered in a session hosted by the Editor-in-Chief of Vettafi.

We will conclude with a few closing keynotes, including a recording of the Masters in Business Live, where host Barry Ritholtz will talk about the state of the industry with Tim Buckley.

On Wednesday, pay it forward.

The theme for the rest of the day is pay it forward. Attendees at advisor conferences have told us for a long time that we need to do more to support financial education. Students from the South Florida community are going to have breakfast with investors, advisors, and the asset management community to learn from each other.

We will talk about the real world of money, careers, taxes, and investing for the future from the perspective of someone still in high school, then spread out in small groups to answer questions, make connections, and hopefully show that money and

There will be a lot more on this front. If you would like to work on this, just reach out at concierge@exchangeetf.com

The next steps.

We haven't looked at the format or specifics of every speaker. Some of the sessions will be keynotes, some will be fireside chats, and a few will feature experts being grilled.

I'm a fan of "working out loud" after decades on the circuit. We need to make sure that we have the best content on stage at all times. Some of the above will change and be ejected in favor of the now in February. I want to share the details as they emerge.

I hope to see you there. You can register to attend Exchange if you want to be part of the discussion.

Please visit the Exchange Channel for more information.

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