Lead Connector: Integrated Marketing Automation & CRM Pipeline Platform Launched

by Jacob Solomon Nov 23, 2022 News
Lead Connector: Integrated Marketing Automation & CRM Pipeline Platform Launched

Smargasy has launched a marketing automation and lead generation software that helps users manage, market, and grow their business through a comprehensive platform.

November 23, 2022.

Business owners can use Smargasy's all-in-one marketing software to grow their businesses. Marketing automation, reviews, payments, and appointments are combined into a single interface.

The lead connector is available at https://go.smgsy.com/lead-connection.

Business owners will be able to access a unified suite of tools and resources that help them manage, market, and grow their businesses by overseeing customer relationships at every stage of the marketing and sales lifecycle.

Business owners can nurture more leads and close deals up to ten times faster with the lead connecter. It combines a number of marketing tools into a single software.

Business owners get more time to focus on their core tasks with Lead Connector. Client engagement, leads, and sales are tracked by the platform. There are analytic tools that track calls, campaigns, sales, forms, and advertisements. Payment management tools can be used to send invoices. Every conversation is stored on the platform.

Smargasy has a marketing automation feature that allows users to combine applications such as text message, voice drop, and email and send tailored messages across multiple channels.

Smargasy is committed to providing expert digital marketing solutions and services to help clients manage their marketing functions. Website development, telecommunications solutions, and digital marketing are some of the solutions provided by the company.

The platform and app is what every business owner needs to manage their online presence, sales, and marketing. If you don't use an all-inclusive platform to automate sales and communication, drive leads, and manage your reputation online, then you're missing out a lot.

Interested parties can learn more about Smargasy's Lead Connection by visiting the website.

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