Because Hamiltonians Provide Headspace: Morgan Selzer Handel ’03

by Anna Munhin Nov 22, 2022 News
Because Hamiltonians Provide Headspace: Morgan Selzer Handel ’03
Emmy Award-winner Morgan Selzer Handel ’03 has turned a passion for entertainment into a lifetime of work in the visual fields of film, TV, and now producing content to help people live better lives.

Headspace hired Handel three years ago as its chief content officer. She is in charge of a large team that is responsible for Headspace's content strategy and production.

Handel is an executive producer of Headspace Guide to meditation, Headspace Guide to sleep, and Headspace Guide to relax. She collaborated with artists such as John Legend and created children's content for Sesame Street.

Handel and her team won an award for Best Main Titles/Graphics for their work on the Headspace guide to meditation.

Handel said that his liberal arts education gave him valuable skills that helped him in his career. I gained a lot of knowledge from my time on the Hill.

Handel used the Hamilton alumni database to get a job at Miramax. She joined the development team at MTV and worked on shows like The Hills. The native of Washington, D.C. moved to LA after working at MTV.

Handel worked at a production company for a year. She worked as the director of development at Style Network. She was the VP of development and senior VP of programming and development at Country Music Television. Handel was an executive producer of Nashville.

Handel said she feels lucky to have a job at Headspace. She said that working on content that helps people live a better life, reduce their stress and anxiety, and take care of their mental health has been a life changing experience.