MrBeast just became the biggest YouTuber in the world. His ascension marks the death of old YouTube and the rise of 'over-the-top' content.

by Anna Munhin Nov 21, 2022 News
MrBeast just became the biggest YouTuber in the world. His ascension marks the death of old YouTube and the rise of

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A picture of MrBeast doing a thumbs up sign.
Donaldson is now the most-followed YouTuber in the world.Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images.
  • MrBeast is the most followed individual on the internet.

  • He spends a lot of money in his videos.

  • Experts say that this historic moment might mean something for YouTubers.

From fashion hauls to gaming videos, YouTube has been a central hub for home-grown content, as many creators built up audiences, one video at a time, filming their daily lives and hoping to slowly but steadily gain enough subscribers to turn it into a career

Many top YouTubers became online micro-celebrities, earning millions of followers, while remaining mostly outside of the public eye.

The online era was encapsulated by Felix Kjellberg. His gaming and vlogging videos made him the most-subscribed person on the internet.

Everything changed when MrBeast arrived.

The YouTube giant, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, had been posting YouTube videos since 2012 but his channel really began to grow in popularity around 2017!

He gives away a lot of money to his subscribers in high-budget videos.

Donaldson has become one of the highest-paid and fastest-growing creators on the platform, reaching the 100 million subscriber mark in July and growing by 11 million subscribers in four months to become the most-followed YouTuber. He overtook Kjellberg, who had been the titleholder for nine years.

Insider was told by experts that the change in the league tables represents a larger change in the style of content that succeeds on the platform. They predicted that it would become a money-spending free-for-all, with content creators trying to match Donaldson's success by replicating his elaborate videos, rather than trading on the authenticity that led to the success of early-era YouTubers.

Experts say Donaldson's popularity has brought on a movement away from traditional lifestyle and vlogging content on YouTube

James Cohen, an assistant professor of media studies at Queens College in New York, told Insider that over the past five to 10 years, some of the most popular content on YouTube was characterized by a personal feel.

Beauty vloggers like Zoella, who made a name filming makeup in her bedroom, and comedian-turned-vampire-turned-vampire-turned-comedy-skimming-skimming, amassed millions of followers with their simplistic vlogging content in the early days

Donaldson's more complex content, which has involved the recreation of sets from popular TV shows and movies for large-scale competitions, creates more of a "television-like experience," according to Cohen.

Cohen said that Donaldson's viewers tune in for the experience of "spectacle." He said that Gen Z is growing up with MrBeast.

The founder of the Influencer Marketing Hub, a media company that advises brands about the influencer economy, said that "personally relevant" content like vlogs are no longer as popular as they used to be.

Even if the concepts are ridiculous, Donaldson's content has succeeded in doing that.

The vlogging era involved creators addressing their viewers and building relationships with them, while the growth of Donaldson and other content creators will mean less viewer interaction.

Donaldson has shown that spending big money brings big rewards, but it could come at a cost

Donaldson's high-production-style videos appeal to advertisers because they look professional and "seamless," with sponsored content occasionally built into the middle of videos.

"Vloggers are very profitable, but for more niche advertising which is valuable in its own right," Cohen said, adding that "high-production quality content is going to be a trend for some time."

Geyser predicted that Donaldson's popularity on the platform might lead viewers to "gravitate more toward watching and even recreating 'over-the-top' and professionally produced videos that focus on elaborate stunts and grand challenges."

I don't think dropping millions and hiring a lot of people to produce a single YouTube video is a sustainable model, but we might start seeing people emulate this, even with a smaller budget.

This trend seems to be starting. In June, Insider spoke to an up-and-coming YouTuber named Matthew Beem who, out of admiration for Donaldson, borrowed $14,000 to meet and film with him.

—MrBeast (@MrBeast) November 12, 2022

Donaldson spends a lot of money on his channels. He gave out money and phones to children. He celebrated by buying more than one thousand lottery tickets when he reached over 100 million subscribers.

Now that Donaldson's high-stakes challenges are performing well, Cohen believes that the future of YouTube will look more "experimental". In order to push the boundaries of what is possible, creators will try new and extreme formats.

He said that viewers wanted to see creators up their game.

Check out the coverage from the Digital Culture team here.

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