Cloudinary Community Program Creates Centralized Hub for User

by Anna Munhin Nov 21, 2022 News
Cloudinary Community Program Creates Centralized Hub for User

The Cloudinary Community is a centralized hub for developers to engage with one another to build powerful visual experiences. There are two new community sites to bridge the gap between documentation and customer support in the initial community launch. Anyone looking to get the most out of Cloudinary's technology can rely on the program to create a reliable resource.

With more than one million developers using Cloudinary, the Community program will facilitate developer engagement and allow anyone to seek advice and share their knowledge on how to best use the platform for any use case. Cloudinary experts will be available to facilitate conversations and answer user questions, and developers will have the chance to support each other by sharing insights on how to best manage and maximize their visual media experience with Cloudinary

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With the launch of Cloudinary Community, we can bring more users together in their preferred place, whether that is a forum, a chat server or a little of both. Cloudinary needs to scale the wide range of support it currently offers. The introduction of the Cloudinary Community program will allow developers and other users to reduce the time required to bring media rich applications to fruition.

There is one community and two sites.

The Cloudinary Community will launch with a Community Forum and a Community Discord that will serve separate purposes for the company's growing user base.

  • Community Forum: The Community Forum fills the gap between problems which can be easily solved by a Google search, and problems that require account or personal data access and can only be handled by company support staff. If a problem is challenging or in-depth, the forum will help bring answers to customer questions into a centralized, searchable location online. The forum will host how-tos, tutorials, and other long-form community content.
  • Community Discord: The Community Discord will act as a community coffee shop, a place to get to know other members of the community and have real-time conversations with smaller groups of community members. Cloudinary has already been doing this with their Media Developer Experts [MDEs] and attendees at their online Cloudinary Academy courses. Now Cloudinary will have all those conversations (and more) in one place.

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