You don’t need millions of followers to work as a full-time content developer – Ijoba

by Jacob Solomon Nov 20, 2022 News
You don’t need millions of followers to work as a full-time content developer – Ijoba

Chukwuemeka Nwagboso Stanley, also known as Ijoba, is a brand ambassador and marketing director.

He claimed that he was looking to make some extra money as a down payment for attaining a portion of his work.

He was able to produce digital information that consumers would purchase. By applying his main insights, Nwagboso Chukwuemeka was able to create successful marketing campaigns. Brain jotter, Nas boi and Lord Lamba were some of the content creators he worked with.

Nwagboso Chukwuemeka said that you don't need millions of followers to work as a full time thought leader or content developer. They have developed active communities that engage with their postings and support their non- social content. Nwagboso Chukwuemeka has three key elements for aspiring creators to consider.

They appeared in front of the camera and said something. Producing engaging content that showcases their individuality is second. Social media is a two way flow chart.


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