Dominion DMS announces Nissan and Infiniti Dealer Communication Systems Integration

by Anna Munhin Nov 16, 2022 News
Dominion DMS announces Nissan and Infiniti Dealer Communication Systems Integration

VUE DMS can be fully functional with Nissan and Infiniti's sales, parts, repair orders, financial statements, and warranty information. VUE DMS is approved by Nissan and Infiniti dealers in North America, which makes it a good choice for them.

This integration allows dealers to communicate with each other more quickly and efficiently.

My team was excited to use a lot of the features on the platform. Since it is a cloud-based system, repair orders can be worked on from a tablets. The General Manager of Columbus Nissan said that he could save money by using the feature.

From customer information, vehicle inventory, and F&I deals to service appointments, repair orders, and warranty credit, this integration bridges the gap between the two companies. The parts department can use this integration to manage orders, returns, activity, and stocking.

Our goal is to work with automotive dealers in an ever-evolving landscape. The VP of Business Development said, "We build modern and secure integrations with OEMs and other third-party solution providers giving dealerships more options than ever to drive the success of their business."

Fixed Ops Benefits:

  • Parts inventory, shipping, orders, and return master information
  • Repair Order data
  • Work ROs and appointments from the service drive right from your tablet
  • Warranty Labor Time Guide
  • Special service vehicle campaign
  • Service Appointments to Nissan
  • National service history vehicle to and from Nissan

F&I Sales Benefits:

  • Vehicle inventory adjustment, both inbound/outbound
  • Retail delivery report
  • Credit contracts

Accounting Benefits:

  • Financial statements
  • Warranty payments

This announcement is a reason for dealers to rethink their relationship with their current system. Visit the site to learn more about the platform.

About Dominion DMS:

Modern solutions are available through the partnership with automotive dealers. VUE is a cloud-native dealer management system that gives US-based franchised automotive dealers the digital security, flexibility, and efficiency to meet the changing market. VUE allows dealers to deliver seamless customer interactions. VUE provides technology partners with the access and workflows they need to satisfy our common customers. Today is a good day to consider the merits of Dominion DMS. To get more information, visit our website, and like us on Facebook.

Scott Smith is the Product and Content Marketing Manager for Domino.

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