Entrepreneurship student highlights marketing expertise with nonprofits and startup work

by Jacob Solomon Nov 15, 2022 News
Entrepreneurship student highlights marketing expertise with nonprofits and startup work

Ohio University students have different experiences. sophomore Parwinder Singh is already making the most of his time in the classroom

Singh is majoring in entrepreneurship and minoring in computer science in the College of Business. He wants to be a better leader in the workforce by adding a marketing minor and a cybersecurity certificate.

Singh wants to one day become a project manager for either Apple or Google. I want to earn these certificates because I want to understand everything my team is working on as a project manager. Education, poverty, and world hunger are some of the areas I want to work on in the future.

Singh was a first-year student when he worked for the Ohio University Innovation Center. He worked with businesses in the community.

Singh said that he was thankful for the connections he made with other startup around Athens. Working with the faculty at the Innovation Center helped me to develop my professional skills.

Mission Met is a consulting firm for nonprofits located in Athens. He was involved with the creation of marketing materials. He worked with nonprofits all over the world, not just in Athens.

Singh was able to help non-profits and learn more skills that would help grow his own startup.

I wanted to expand my team in my startup, but I didn't have the team management skills taught to me by Mission Met. Singh learned how to be a good manager, how to create a team for a project, and how to use aCRM. They gave me a lot of freedom on how I wanted my internship to look, which allowed me to achieve great results.

Singh started his startup journey before he ever stepped foot in Athens.

Singh wanted to learn more about programming when he was a student. He was curious about how he could get more followers on the photo sharing site. Singh looked for programs that were very expensive or required the program to be running for long hours and he found many that were very expensive or required the program to be running for long hours.

I didn't have a lot of money to invest in programming. After learning to program, I messaged many developers on social media to work with me on the project. Only one of them agreed to work on the project because I didn't have enough money to pay them. Singh said that his first startup was "instaEASY". InstaEASY is an easy to use web-based automation tool. You can mass interact with your target audience using InstaEASY.

Over the years, more than 1,500 businesses used the service to grow their account before the service put restrictions on how many actions users could take. Singh still works with many worldwide connections that he was able to open with the help of InstaEASY.

India Today and the London Post feature his work. Singh wrote for Entrepreneur magazine and website as a contributor, sharing his marketing and entrepreneurship expertise, as well as being highlighted as an "Instagram expert" by Forbes.

Parwinder Singh sits behind his laptop, with the back cover being covered in dozens of stickers.
“Our campus has a lot of opportunities that not everyone knows about them, but all of them are just an email away.” — Parwinder Singh. Photo credit: Eli Burris/Ohio University

Singh has an interest in programming. He developed an application to encourage students to go to class after participating in a Hackathon at Harvard University. Some students are having a hard time adjusting to in-person classes after the Pandemic.

Singh said Hackathons gave him an opportunity to meet other people interested in the same things as him, who are motivated and have a unique way to see problems and how we can solve them. Most of the problems we are facing right now are solved by technology.

Singh is working with Director of Strategic Leadership Kim Jordan in the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership to develop and build a virtual leadership simulation for students.

He is a resident advisor in Jefferson Hall, as well as the director of outreach for the National Residence Hall.

Singh said that he loves being a resident adviser. We build a community by doing events with each other. I can help them if they need me, and I'm there for them whenever they need me.

Singh is a member of the entrepreneurship club. He is a part of the University Innovation fellows cohort, which is a year long development program for second year students.

Singh is a volunteer with the TenderFoot Learning Lab, a nonprofit near Athens, whose mission is to educate people to live and work in a sustainable way.

Singh is open to learning new things.

He encourages other students to try to get in touch with professionals in the University or in companies if they can. Many of Singh's experiences were made possible by previous connections.

Singh said that the campus has a lot of opportunities that people don't know about.

Singh has used his Experiential Learning activities to shape his story. You can learn more about OHIO at ohio.edu/experience-ohio.

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