Digital marketing insights for Cork brewers

by Jacob Solomon Nov 15, 2022 News
Digital marketing insights for Cork brewers

15 November 2022 By Roger Kennedy

There are digital marketing insights for the beer industry.

To survive the modernity of shocks, many brands need to come up with extremely ambitious communication strategies that give a completely different look to their corporate image, adapting it to the new trends and values that unite a large number of consumers in every corner of the world

As a result of the general change in customs, the emergence of new trends and new lifestyles that threaten to seriously jeopardize the destinies of various companies, all brands have suffered a hard blow. The production of alcoholic beverages, such as spirits or beer, is one sector in which the change has been most visible.

The health-conscious turn that has involved millions of people around the world, with a newfound focus on everything related to people's physical and mental well-being, has put a strain on the fortunes of an industry that, despite a solid user base, has lost a surprising amount of users

Difficulties that were not foreseen.

All brewers have to implement equally extraordinary strategies if they want to survive under these extraordinary circumstances. An effective communications plan might be able to solve most of the company's positioning problems by finding suitable solutions and appropriate content to use at delicate historical junctures.

Franciscan Well has been making delicious beers since 1998. Within its three online channels, this local producer has been able to convey in a few simple words some of the core values that describe most of its activities, while also highlighting some distinctive qualities that set it apart from its competitors

The insistence on brand essence and the desire to differentiate oneself are two variables, but they are not the only ones.

The case study is about something.

A few years ago, a New Zealand beer brand was able to harness the power of communication to reestablish its sales numbers and establish a unique relationship with its consumers.

The brand found a way to use yeast discarded from production to create a sustainable biofuel, so they could convince consumers that their beer could save the world.

By aligning their brand with a common cause, such as a concern for the environment or respect for the environment, each brand has an opportunity to move quickly and meet the needs of a public that increasingly makes its purchasing choices based on emotional, ethical, and social factors.

There are references to sustainable practices in Chang's online content. There is a desire to leave a positive and sustainable impact on the environment that can be seen in the text below the clickable words that lead to the Thai brand's website.

Communication that is full of interesting insights is the result of this company's success. Among the brands that have been able to position themselves most effectively, thanks in part to the strength of their content, are those that are associated with the online gambling sector, which is capable of creating a truly perfect combination for online entertainment.

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Sometimes it's necessary to act forcefully, firmly and equalize the violence of modernity in order to complete a repositioning operation.