Cloudxcess announces India’s first Cloud Security Hub

by Lindsey Francy Sep 24, 2022 News
Cloudxcess announces India’s first Cloud Security Hub

Businesses have been trying to protect their data for a long time. Nothing has been able to stop the growing threat of cyber crime. There is a new solution called Cloud Xcess.

CloudXcess is manufactured by Heritage Computers. It hosts more than 10,000 companies and is visited by more than 50000 users. It is India's first cloud management platform and is about to introduce India's first data security hub.

The Hub will provide a number of services, including automatic backup, remote firewall security consultations, installing ransomware, anti-phishing tools, vulnerability tests, and many others. Many cloud operators are not following security protocols when handling data. Expenses or lack of knowledge are some of the reasons why security procedures are not installed.

We get calls every day from businesses that need to keep their data safe. The array of cyber-security issues is vast and the world has failed to prevent attacks from happening. The man behind CloudXcess said that they created the security hub.

CloudXcess Security Hub protects against internal and external attacks. Privileged access solutions allow employers to keep track of work and employees so they can identify the source of a malicious insider attack.

Various security checks are offered by the hub, such as preventing employees from sending company data to an outside source or leaking sensitive information. It prevents employees from sending company quotations to their rivals. Keeping watch on user activity makes it simpler.

All security measures will be housed in the CloudXcess Security Hub and data security consultants will help operators and users install these measures for better management of data.

A subscription model is used for the service. We tried to make this easy for companies to use. They don't need to purchase any more licenses. All they have to do is tell us what they want to protect and we can take care of the rest.

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