The Real Reason Amazon's Thursday Night Football Doesn't Have Beer Ads

by Samuel Pordengerg Sep 24, 2022 News
The Real Reason Amazon

There are no alcohol commercials during Thursday Night Football broadcasts because of the policy of Amazon. Business Insider states that the rule applies to Amazon in five other countries, including Canada, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Amazon doesn't block commercials that include alcohol if they aren't marketing it, so viewers can catch a glimpse of someone drinking.

The league does not have a similar policy to banning alcohol advertising. The NFL sells advertising space for beer and hard liquor. If you see a commercial for alcohol during a Thursday Night Football game, it's not a sign that Amazon has changed its policy. It could be that the football team used a reserved spot.

You won't see ads for the best light beers to drink in 2022. That doesn't mean that Amazon's content won't be seen as vices. Thursday Night Football broadcasts will promote DraftKings Sportsbook.