CMRSL brings its IPO of ₹ 14.04 crores on 27th September, 2022, To be listed on NSE Emerge

by Lindsey Francy Sep 24, 2022 News
CMRSL brings its IPO of ₹ 14.04 crores on 27th September, 2022, To be listed on NSE Emerge

Cyber Media Research & Services LIMITED (CMRSL), engaged in ad tech and data analytics business, brought in 780,000 shares in its IPO. The issue will open on the 27th of September and close on the 29th of September. The price per share will be between 171 and 180 depending on the number of shares sold. 3,69,600 shares will be reserved for the QIB quota, 260,000 shares will be for the Retail quota, 1,11,200 shares will be for HNI quota and 39200 shares will be for the Market Maker quota. The lead manager of the issue is Swastika Investmart limited.

The net proceeds from the issue will be used for certain purposes.

It's called i. The capital requirements are funded.

Is that correct? Funding new projects.

Is that correct? Expenses must be met to meet the issue.

The industry of ad tech and data analytic is growing rapidly. The company has four revenue streams. The company believes that artificial intelligence has an important role to play in data-enrichment and drive better marketing experiences. CMRSL has run innovative businesses for 30 years. Digital technology is going to play a crucial role in India's growth as it is building solutions for growing industry needs. The technology will keep data at its core. Customer success will be driven by this and marketing automation. The company will continue to invest in products that deliver higher margins.

Over the years, the finances of the company have grown. Revenue was recorded of Rs. 5,678.12 lakhs was spent in the fiscal year. There was 3,016.36 in the fiscal year of 2011. It had an earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of Rs. for FY 2022. Rs. was 352.50 lakhs. In FY 2021, the figure was 184. 92. It had a profit of Rs. for FY 2022. As compared to Rs., it was 145.34 In FY 2021, the total amount was 44.33 lakhs. Revenue grew by 81%, earnings grew by 98% and the profit grew by 22%.

Mr. Gupta is the Chairman of the company. The Helen Keller Award was given to him for his work in the disability sector.

The management team is led by two men. Mr. Gupta has been with the company for more than a decade. He is a new media advocate and has a lot of knowledge of technology. He has been the architect of products and solutions and has been in charge of establishing the CMRSL team as a leading digital marketing setup. The leader of the company is Mr. Thomas George. He has more than twenty five years of experience in business market research, consulting and advisory, media and content.

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