LinkedIn Professionals Share Their Best Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hack

by Anna Munhin Sep 22, 2022 News
LinkedIn Professionals Share Their Best Unusual LinkedIn Marketing Hack

You can grow your business on Linkedin.

B2B marketers use the platform the most to distribute their content. The best results were produced byLinkedIn.

Content marketers spend more on paid content promotion. Where are they spending their money? There's a list of things on it.

The network can be used for marketing. There are more than one billion interactions on LinkedIn every month.

There is no denying the power of this social media platform to drive engagement.

Are you ready to take your marketing game to the next level, but not sure where to start?

Here are tips from seven professional on the professional networking site.

Leverage LinkedIn Live

Thomas J. Armitage Thomas Armitage

The site-seeker is a sales executive.

There is a playground for B2B. It is a professional conference that is never ending.

Live streams are still being utilized. People don't get enough learning material.

Thought leaders can use Live Streams instead of traditional webinars. There is no need for landing pages or sign up forms. Sharing and invitations can be used to promote the event.

Most of the time, you don't need a third-party streaming software.

Live streams are a great way to engage with your audience in a more personal way.

It's important to identify a topic. The description needs to include who the stream is for.

It will be worthwhile if you invite users. Make sure to promote both before and after the event since the full video will be available for viewing.

Level Up Your Content Strategy

Adam Houlahan Adam Houlahan

The author ofInfluencer is a professional at Prominence Global.

Long-term results can be achieved by using the most effective strategy for lead generation.

Only a small percentage of the 850 million members of LinkedIn share their content regularly. Less than 1% of people understand and share content that LinkedIn sees as valuable to it's members.

If you share content that creates conversations on the platform, it will show you are the authority in your area of expertise without addressing the problems of your audience.

It's called "know how" with "no how" content.

Your ideal clients will gravitate to you if you consistently implement this content strategy.

Felipe Bazon Felipe Bazon

Content marketing and international search engine Optimisation.

I decided that Linkedin would be my only professional social network.

I have been posting weekly posts about strategies, techniques, and insights for a long time.

This has helped build my network and reach decision makers who see my posts and fill in the contact form.

Since opening up our office in Brazil, we've had a lot of leads turn into clients.

All of the leads came from my personal account, not the company's, as I've been known to do here.

We have a business page for the U.K. and Brazil, but it's only through the personal profile that the magic can happen.

My posts have averaged since then.

  • 100 interactions (likes and comments)
  • Five to seven organic leads per month

My suggestions are listed here.

  • Consistency and frequency. Aim for at least a couple of posts each week.
  • Avoid sharing links on your posts; leave them in the comments. This increases the reach of your posts by at least 30%. For instance, if you want to share a new article from the blog, do a post talking about the subject and say, “We’ve written a complete guide about X, and you can find the link to it in the comments.
  • Don’t be shy in sharing insights, thoughts, and results. The community loves these types of posts. These tend to get loads of interactions.

Optimize Your Page

Virginie Cantin Virginie Cantin

Virginie Cantin is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

The experience section is used to highlight my services. I will have several job titles under my LinkedIn company page for each of the hats I wear in my company.

There is a job title for my service. There is a job title for my online course. I use a different job title to tell people that I am a Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

I have a fourth job title that is meant to get me found by people who are looking for speakers.

The beauty of having multiple job titles is that you can use them to your advantage, so that people can easily find you if they are looking for a particular service or author.

Andy Foote Andy Foote

A coach of advanced strategies.

It's hard to know who your "Super Fans" and potential "Super Fans" are, because they don't want you to build any base.

If you look at how they treat followers, you can see that they aren't following at all.

There is a software on the market that will give you data on everyone who has commented on your post. It helps me to know who is behind me and who is not.

I want to find a way to convert them into persistent supporters. There are people who are called super fans.

Prioritize Human-Centric Approach

Sandra LongSandra Long

The author of "LinkedIn for Personal branding: The Ultimate Guide" is a trainer and speaker.

Your employees can be activated. Make sure your team's profiles are co- branded and focused on client problem-solving rather than recruiters.

The team should be encouraged to find coworkers, clients, and prospects. Your team should be trained to build relationships with helpful comments.

Don't automate. Encourage them to engage, inspire, and motivate their professional networks with valuable comments, original posts, and company page content.

If you want to use a company's name on social networking site, you need to create a company #. Make it fun by building your team's confidence.

Josh SteimleJosh Steimle

The founder of BlueMethod is an author of a book.

I use LinkedIn to solve my biggest challenges as anentrepreneur.

For me, it's easy to see howLinkedIn has produced millions of dollars in value.

Everything I teach in my book can be summed up in two words: be human. It is the bestLinkedIn hack.

Too many people are trying to imitate robots on LinkedIn by posting content but never interacting with commenters, and avoiding one-to-one communication. That is where the best performance comes from.

It is when you use LinkedIn to talk directly with others that it becomes indispensable.


Linkedin is a great addition to your social media marketing strategy.

It's important to remember to take advantage of the features of LinkedIn and be consistent.

You are going to thrive on the LinkedIn feed if you have these tips.

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