Pop-up Templates and How They Can Be Used for Marketing Strategy of Engineering Companies

by Samuel Pordengerg Sep 22, 2022 News
Pop-up Templates and How They Can Be Used for Marketing Strategy of Engineering Companies

Pop-ups are often used by marketers for an engineering company. Their effectiveness is dependent on the appropriate use. A pop-up offering a promo code or a discount coupon to a potential customer of an online store hardware store will be perceived favorably, and a pop-up advertisement blocking the reading of the horoscope will cause the visitor to leave the site. Before making a decision to use this tool, it is necessary to get to know it better and consider all the pros and cons of using it.

Advantages of pop-up windows:

  • Guaranteed to attract the attention of the visitor of the web resource. It is impossible to ignore such an advertising banner, and if it contains really valuable and useful information for the visitors, they will most likely perform a targeted action and will not leave the site.
  • Opportunities for conversion growth. Statistics say that pop-up templates can be an order of magnitude more effective than stationary banners.
  • Ample opportunities for personalization of banner content for hardware engineering stores.
  • Quick response to user requests. If you place answers to common user questions or a link to the support service in the pop-up window, their benefits become obvious.

Disadvantages of pop-ups:

  • Negative behavioral factors. If a pop-up banner is displayed without taking into account the interests of visitors, it irritates them and causes them to leave the site.
  • Reduced audience loyalty. An excess of pop-ups is a negative phenomenon since they force the users to interact with something against their will, and such obsession sharply reduces the trust of customers and their loyalty.
  • Blocking pop-up windows. Users can, by using special programs, block the demonstration of pop-ups on their gadgets so that all efforts to implement and configure them are in vain.

10 ideas on how to use pop-ups on an engineering website

Pop-ups are evil and should be abandoned. Many marketers don't know how to set up pop-up advertising and don't know how to turn traffic into leads. Engineering companies like hardware stores will find the best option for your website after reading a dozen ideas.

  • Barter. You offer the client a “delicious candy” – a promo code, a gift, or a discount in exchange for contact information and consent to data processing and receiving informational letters from you. Why not, the clients think, and now they already get into the loyal base.
  • Interactivity.Such a pop-up contains an offer relevant to the visitor of the resource (calculate the cost of a wardrobe, the price of a tour to the Maldives, etc.), the results of which will be sent to the mail. To do this, of course, you will have to provide contact information. Keep in mind that it is better to warn the client that the results will not appear immediately.
  • An offer of friendship.Pop-ups offering to make friends on social networks are gaining momentum, which is inevitable in the era of digital marketing.
  • Notifications about promotions.A simple and effective idea is to talk about bonuses, promotions, or special offers (sometimes it is possible to go to the discount page).
  • News.Pop-ups can also be used not quite for their intended purpose – for the sake of expanding the customer base and increasing sales but to inform visitors about certain events (changes).
  • Clarifications.Commercial resources often use pop-ups to clarify the geographical location of the users and to select the correct relevant offers for them.
  • Gratitude. A pop-up will perfectly replace the “thank you for subscribing” page, the banner should also contain links that the buyers need or a nice bonus for them.
  • Playing on emotions. The user’s attempts to leave the site will hardly be stopped by tearful requests of charming kittens or other touching animals – “don’t leave, we will miss you.” But, be sure, customers will remember a site with mimic faces. And to still keep them, marketers recommend immediately handing them a “bun”, for example, a discount on the next order. Then the user will stay on the site and the cherished email will get into the database.
  • Consultation. Pop-ups can be very relevant when working with clients who prefer live communication. The offer to call the clients back and provide them with advice on goods or services, if they enter a phone number, is often in demand.
  • Time-bound help. Pop-up notifications can monitor how many minutes users have spent on the site and offer them a manager’s consultation. This pop-up is not always perceived favorably, but sometimes it works.

Practice will show which option works in your case. It is important to listen to the recommendations of experts regarding the design of pop-up windows.

Pop-up Templates and How They Can Be Used for Marketing Strategy of Engineering Companies

Tips and tricks on how to make pop-up windows that do not scare, but sell

It means that you don't know how to use pop-up notifications. Make a pop-up by listening to these basic recommendations.

  • pause so that the visitors have time to familiarize themselves with the content;
  • use up-to-date and relevant content on the site information for pop-ups;
  • do not be intrusive, so as not to create associations with spam;
  • create motivational headlines and call-to-action buttons to make your pop-up “delicious”;
  • remember about personalization, because customers value respect for themselves and are more likely to buy a product where it is offered to them, and not to a faceless anonymous;
  • do not deprive the user of the opportunity to close the pop-up to avoid a negative attitude towards the resource;
  • try to ensure that the appearance of a pop-up causes minimal damage to the functionality of the site (unobtrusive placement at the bottom of the screen is always preferable to a sudden appearance in the center);
  • be specific and concise, and use extremely clear wording because you have very little time to arouse the user’s interest.

There can't be a single formula for a pop-up banner. Individual requirements and general recommendations are based on which pop-up windows should be set up. Testing and tracking the results is going to be interesting.

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