The Ultimate Guide To Festive Marketing: Leveraging Intent With Content

by Lindsey Francy Sep 21, 2022 News
The Ultimate Guide To Festive Marketing: Leveraging Intent With Content

The various practices brands and agencies can engage in for festive marketing are given by the Head of Business Marketing and the Head of Agency partnerships of Quora.

The Executive Vice President of Interactive Avenues, Aparna Tadikonda, and the Manager of Digital Marketing, Hafele India, have chimed in on the current spends, trends, and the utilization of Quora.

Quora Users

Quora users always have an intent of purchase, as they are looking for information on the products on their wishlist and comparing the ones in the similar category, this filters them out before they even reach the funnel's first phase.

India has 100 million users out of a global user base of 300 million. A diverse user base consists of celebrities, entertainers, CEOs, business executives, and several distinct users from various walks.

Consumer Traits

  • Quora users do their online research before purchase
  • They celebrate the festive season across all cultures
  • They show high purchase intent around the festive season
  • They start researching smartphones, laptops, and other consumer electronics during the major Indian holidays
  • They gear up to make big purchases during this period

Consumer Statistics

Quora Video Ads

The platform allows advertisers to choose from Text Ads, Image Ads, Promoted Answers, and Lead Gen Forms, but they are not the only ones.

A group of agencies are being invited to join the program. Video ads would be available in a variety of formats, including sound and in-feed video.

Agency Partnership Program

The goal of the program is to help agencies achieve optimum efficiency, top-of-the-mind recall, and a high conversion rate. Agencies and clients can be involved in the program.

The program can be used to amplify all of the modules designed to accelerate client success. Dedicated expertise, agency success manager, ad review support, ad copy consultations, and direct ad approval support are some of the benefits of the agency partnership program.

Agencies can tailor campaigns to meet goals. Some of the perks of the program include consultations, education and training, complimentary, on-demand product workshops, and training for teams and clients. There are available metrics for measuring.

During the year, partners would have exclusive access to campaign strategy and performance consultations, industry event/webinars, and vertical-led insight for client pitches.

2022 – The Positive Festive Sentiment

Panelists believe that the festive season will be better after two years of stagnant spending due to the swine flu. Consumers have a high disposable income and have been saving.

Aparna commented on the current trends, saying that non-metro cities will experience inflated growth, content consumption has changed post-pandemic, consumers are comparing prices, and mobile ads have shot up.

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A brand needs to slice and dice data and bank their bullish spends on consumers, tap the right platforms, build deeper engagement, and invest in ROI-based models.

The years of 2020-21 have been slow and positive for consumer sentiment. 42% of consumers spend time on social media, 20% will spend more, and malls are flooded.

He says that higher disposable income and more revenue are expected, and that it can be used with an educational platform like Quora, with proper research, and questions that are getting higher views. As social media platforms are struggling to give organic reach, a multi level strategy can be formulated and executed.

The Spends & Trends

When it comes to ad spends during the festive season, Aparna states that e- commerce will be taking out the lion's share. Beauty, mobile phones, automobiles, and all purchases would be elevated during the season despite the size of the purchase, and Quora can play a part in this marketing play.

The Indian ad market would grow more quickly than any other ad market, and Quora is an important part of this strategy. There would be new entrants. Good funding will translate into higher ad spending for the company.

Leveraging Intent With Content

Quora is an educational platform, and users would love to learn more, so brands should approach the platform with a full-funnel strategy. Consumers should be analyzed on how they are consuming content. People won't read salesy content if they are educated.

The power of intent should be used by brands at every level. Different messages need to be built across different ad formats.

Quora helps brands leverage insights generated from the user data points and couple them with native ad formats to build brand trust and consideration.

The users are researching the products. According to Enakshi, they seek conversations and reviews while researching the products.

Ace Festive Marketing

According to Enakshi, the conversation around festive shopping begins in early September and spikes in December. The best time for marketers to reach these users is during the festive season when they are looking for deals.

The experts talk about how to approach festive marketing.

  • Keep a healthy media mix
  • The consumer journey is not linear, so the media mix content strategy should be differentiated
  • Go for full-funnel marketing
  • Concentrate on consideration and conversion phases
  • Focus on two-three festivals over the year, instead of only looking at the festive season
  • Define the relevance of festivals
  • Create campaigns sustainable for five-six years
  • Build an ecosystem and intellectual properties