DAC Bridges the Brand Reputation Gap With Survey of Nearly 900 Marketing Executives

by Anna Munhin Apr 19, 2022 News
DAC Bridges the Brand Reputation Gap With Survey of Nearly 900 Marketing Executives

A recent study of reputation management from nearly 900 marketing executives worldwide shows that 71 per cent of marketers are concerned with managing their brand's reputation in today's digital advertising and social media environment. 50 per cent of those brands are not executing a reputation management program.

Reputation management is one of the most critical disciplines in the digital age, but most organizations are struggling to get it right. The importance that consumers place on online brand reputation is extremely high, and ratings and reviews can be a significant driver for business revenue.

As a leader in digital performance marketing, DAC defines online reputation management as the monitoring of user generated content in the form of product, location, and brand reviews, as well as using customer feedback to try to solve problems and promote positive sentiment for brands. Ratings and reviews on search and social media platforms, marketplaces, industry-specific platforms, and brand websites are some of the successful programs.

The ability to measure impact of a reputation management program was the most challenging element of a comprehensive reputation management strategy. Beyond these challenges, the findings showed.

  • 67 per cent of respondents find it challenging to hire with the reputation management experience needed
  • Respondents indicated that turning customers into brand advocates is a desired outcome for a reputation management program, but over 40 per cent of respondents are not actively doing this
  • Brick-and-mortar marketing remains ever-important, with 82 per cent of respondents placing importance on marketing their physical locations over the next three years

The utilization of technology platforms built to support reputation management show up in capability and executional gaps. 64 per cent say that it would be useful for them to monitor and manage reviews on all major online review sites, but only 59 per cent do so.

Sahlool said that marketers instinctively understand the potential negative impacts of not actively managing online reputation, but what is often overlooked are the considerable positive strategic implications of this work. We are here to meet our clients wherever they are on their reputation management journey.

The findings of the survey can be accessed here.

The group is called the DAC group.

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It's difficult to identify and hire people with reputation management experience.

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  • Reputation management findings

Reputation management findings.