Brand Experience Innovator ASTOUND Group Hires Industry Veteran Jay Verna

by Lindsey Francy Aug 15, 2022 News
Brand Experience Innovator ASTOUND Group Hires Industry Veteran Jay Verna

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Jay Verna is the new head of client services and business development.

Jay Verna has joinedASTOUND as Head of Client Experience. Verna will lead the business development organizations. He is a key member of the executive management team and will be in charge of long term account growth and client development strategies.

ASTOUND Group Hires Jay Verna (CNW Group/ASTOUND Group)

Verna has over 20 years of global marketing expertise building brands, driving growth and leading people across diverse channels. Verna led global client partnerships.

The client services and business development organization will be overseen by Jay as he joins ASTOUND. His deep marketing background, agency leadership experience and commitment to client service make him an outstanding addition to our team.

Verna said that she was inspired by the chance to write the future of boundless experiences and multi-dimensional environments.

Over the course of two decades, ASTOUND has produced brand experiences and delivered results for some of the world's most recognizable brands.

About theOUND group.

ASTOUND is dedicated to partnership and crafts experiences that build brands. Our approach includes strategy, creative, graphic and environmental design, digital, production, fabrication, and architectural services. ASTOUND has been connecting Fortune 500 brands to their audiences for over twenty years. State-of-the-art production facilities can be found in Las Vegas, Toronto, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Portland.


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