Brand Heavyweights Join Deodorant Maker Hume Supernatural

by Samuel Pordengerg Aug 15, 2022 News
Brand Heavyweights Join Deodorant Maker Hume Supernatural

Retailers, media, athletes, opinion leaders, investors and now talent are interested in the maker of cult favorite, probiotic-powered deodorants.

Three key hires were made by the brand. Liza Tagliati has been appointed Vice President of Marketing, and other people have been hired. Some of the hires are from lifestyle brands.

Liza Tagliati was the Director of Marketing and Community at Stance where she launched their first head-to-toe Active Apparel collection and community programs that helped reignite brand engagement and reach new audiences. Tagliati was the marketing director at Sun Bum, a leading sun and personal care brand.

Tagliati is one of the people brought on by Hume. Stevens has worked in both creative capacities and at leading brands in the past. The next evolution of the brand will be centered on its culture and community.

The content director was appointed by the company. Hollingsworth has worked at Sun Bum for the past eight years.

Tagliati said that it was a rare chance to join a culture driven brand in its early stages. Hume has a clear mission and a product that is unparalleled. A group of creators, innovators, artists and athletes who care deeply for what they do are detail obsessed and live the brand every day. What you see next out of this brand won't be boring.

Jeremy Horowitz is the CEO and co- founder of the company.

He said he was thrilled to have talent with such broad and relevant experience join the family. We are looking forward to seeing their impact on the brand and consumer experience.

Adam Francis, former CEO and co-owner of Sun Bum, is a member of the founding team and Board of Directors.

Adam Francis is a member of the Advisory Board along with brand stalwarts Joe Kudla, Pendry Hotels & Resorts co-founder Michael Fuersman, and Eduardo Esquenazi, PhD.

All of these superstars were secured for Hume.

"We have assembled a best-in-class team of like-minded leaders who have all successfully scaled some of the most iconoclastic brands and businesses around the world."

A group of world class athletes, musicians, creatives and artists have come together to create a brand that will inspire a healthier life that we can all feel good about.

The mission of the company is to connect with consumers. The brand's award-winning deodorants are fast becoming the go to clean choice for those who want healthy yet effective underarm care. The brand sells out of stock at regular intervals.

Desert bloom, after rain, amber woods, out west, and fragrance free are the different deodorants offered by the company. They are available at a number of stores, including Amazon and The Gravity Haus social club is one of the places where Hume can be found. The brand has an innovative Dry Body Oil Mist that is plant-powered and retails for $24.

Three people have started their jobs.

There is a documentary aboutUME SUPERNATURAL.

A new category of supernatural personal care products was founded in 2020 in Southern California with the mission to create a new category of supernatural personal care products. In order to remind us of the power of nature, Hume uses high- performance ingredients such as prickly pear,Aloe Vera and diatomaceous earth that support the skin barrier and stop odor at its core. It's the brand.

It works to absorb, trap and bind odor, support the skin microbiome and protect and nourish the skin, which is why it's so effective.