Rubio praises USDA enforcement of standards for imported grapefruit

by Anna Munhin Aug 15, 2022 News
Rubio praises USDA enforcement of standards for imported grapefruit

The Section 8e standards for imported grapefruit juice were suspended by the USDA. The decision resulted in millions of dollars in harm to growers in Florida and Texas. The USDA will now enforce the juice content maturity requirements on imported grapefruit due to the leadership of US Senator Marco Rubio.

  • “The USDA’s failure to protect Florida grapefruit growers during last year’s harvest season is inexcusable. Not only did it harm the local economy, but it threatened to undermine America’s food security.
  • “While I am glad the USDA will finally enforce these standards to ensure low-quality grapefruit does not flood the market, our growers need lasting certainty. I remain committed to holding USDA to its word to issue a lasting marketing order.” – Senator Rubio

The USDA will help prevent the displacement of U.S. growers with the enforcement of their rules. Efforts will be made to give certainty to domestic growers after the harvest season.

The senator's website has more information.

The paper was published on Mon 15 August 2022.

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