Social Media Marketing: 5 Robust Strategies That Work

by Lindsey Francy Aug 14, 2022 News
Social Media Marketing: 5 Robust Strategies That Work

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Five social media marketing strategies will help you reach your goals.

1. Promote posts with high organic engagement

It is possible to promote a post on Facebook. Existing posts can be promoted to new audiences. This feature is used by many companies to promote their ads and posts that are attractive to their target audience.

This is a good way to increase brand awareness and attract new users to your page. If you promote a post that encourages users to visit a specific page, you can get new followers, clicks, and landing page visitors.

Promote posts that are already very attractive to the audience if you're going to use this feature on Facebook.

You should pay attention to your posts on social media. To find out which posts perform best in terms of likes, clicks, comments, and shares, check out the Analytics.

The quality of the post and its relevance to the target audience are shown by comments and reposts.

The posts that need to be promoted are listed here. Target customers have rated this content. A new audience will like it.

It is possible to promote existing high-performing posts on Facebook andInstagram. The social proof can be preserved by this method. New users will be able to see all the likes and comments on the post. People are more likely to pay attention to content that is appreciated.

2. Run engagement contests to generate leads

There are social media contests. Business owners and marketers forget about the proper organization of contests so their results are not up to par.

Did you know that there is a way to automate the process of collecting data about contestants in social networks? Email and phone numbers can be collected. You will get a lot of leads from the competition.

Special software can also be used to collect information about competitors. These are pictures of people. They can be used as social proof to increase your marketing efforts.

You can make the most of the contests.

  • Actively promote your contest for about a week before it starts. Explain to the audience what the competition will be like — its conditions and rules. If you are asking people to share photos, they should have time to do so.
  • Use social media contest creation software like ShortStack or Wishpond.
  • Ask users to follow your page (if you’re asking to follow on multiple platforms, limit yourself to two), share an email address to receive notifications of contest progress and winners. Also invite users to share content mentioning the contest.
  • Organize a competition long enough for enough participants to join. But don’t drag it out.
  • You can add voting so that people can take part in determining the winners.
  • Announce the winner.
  • Make sure the prize matches your target audience. Good prizes allow you to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

3. Reply to Facebook messages within 24 hours

Messages are usually sent via messenger or direct. You can ask a question in messages.

There are strict rules for Facebook to follow when it comes to sending messages. The user only have 24 hours to respond to a message. There will be an opportunity to receive another message from your client if you reply within this time period.

It's better to set up automatic replies so that you don't miss them. If a client asks a question, he might be offered answers to the most frequently asked questions. Even if it's a complaint, respond to different customer requests.

This approach will show the audience that you are attentive to customer service and also give them opportunities to communicate with you. Someone may ask a question about another product. It's good to hear more talk. Keep in mind that Facebook has a 24 hour response time.

4. Focus on user-generated content and don’t forget to get permission to share

A social media marketing tool is user-generated content. Customer testimonials and photos are great for your business. The user-generated content will be turned into social proof. The target audience is more likely to make a purchase if they see other customers' reviews.

It's important to pay attention to the campaigns that promote the creation and dissemination of the University Grants Commission. We talked about contests with an emphasis on user generated content. It is possible to encourage users to share content with reviews from your brand.

  • Place a CTA in your bio on platforms like Twitter or Instagram, asking users to tag your brand or use a branded hashtag in the content they share. Be clear, such as “share our unboxing with #BoxedGoods” or “tell us about your favorite recipes you use our pasta in and tag us.” The more specific you are, the better.
  • Add posts about the creation of UGC asking you to share your favorite products from your brand. Even if it’s just a request, with no prize like in contests, you’d be surprised how often people will happily post UGC if they know you’ll share their post on your page.
  • Share content from users frequently and enthusiastically. Remember to get permission to use UGC in your stories or feed, and always tag the author.

5. Tag other brands in relevant content

The main part of the phrase is relevant. Tag other brands in their content in order to connect with them.

It's a good idea to tag other brands and people in your content. The main thing is that it doesn't annoy anyone. This needs to be done with relevant content.

Both of you can benefit from partnering with a local company. They'll be happy to reciprocate if you tag them.

You can tag other brands as well. Mention their product or brand in your post if you quote them. It also includes sponsored content and affiliates.

Companies that might be interested in cooperating with you. There are many ways to organize a broadcast and run contests. Everyone can benefit from bringing your audience together.