Invoca Enhances Strategic Partnership with Five9, Empowering Marketing and Contact Center Teams to Drive Revenue and Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences

by Jacob Solomon Aug 9, 2022 News
Invoca Enhances Strategic Partnership with Five9, Empowering Marketing and Contact Center Teams to Drive Revenue and Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences

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Marketing and contact center teams can share real-time insights with each other.

A new integration between Invoca and Five9 was announced during the Five9 CX Summit. By connecting data from digital marketing campaigns to sales conversations handled by contact center agents, Invoca and Five9 enable companies to deliver more human customer experiences at scale.

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People making high stakes purchases want both digital and human engagement.

Consumers begin their buying journey through digital experiences, which can include seeing a compelling ad on a search engine, visiting a website to do research, or watching a video on a video sharing website. When making a high stakes purchase, such as buying a car, getting a quote for insurance, or applying for a mortgage, consumers turn to experts in the contact center for advice and reassurance. A "moment of truth" is when a brand can acquire a new customer for life or lose out to a rival.

The contact center and marketing teams don't have the same data.

The marketing and contact center teams don't have the same data to deliver great experiences and maximize growth. The contact center and agents have no idea what promotions and products consumers were researching online before they called for advice. Poor experiences for customers and failure to achieve the contact center's full potential are what brands deliver.

The contact center revenue impact can be maximized with the help of Invoca and Five9 brands.

Companies can use the Invoca / Five9 integration to maximize the impact of their contact center teams. Companies can use this integration.

  • Marketers can get actionable data on contact center sales. With complete visibility into the entire customer journey marketers can finally analyze which of their marketing campaigns drove sales to the contact center Marketers use Invoca data to connect those initial pre-call clicks to the calls made in the contact center, so that they can reduce their overall CPA. Tailoring live conversations to personalize the customer experience can be done by agents.

  • The contact center needs to maximize the blend of automation and human engagement. Data from pre- call journeys captured by Invoca can be used to route callers in Five9. A new customer who adds an expensive item to a shopping cart can be routed directly to a dedicated queue of high availability agents, avoiding any hold time that could jeopardize the sale. A straightforward call about checking order status can be routed to a Five9 intelligent virtual agent for self-service. Every contact center can use this approach to maximize agent capacity.

  • Deliver higher touch human service using data from digital interactions The data from Invoca allows agents using Five9 to understand what the caller is doing online before they escalate to the voice channel. An agent can see when a customer is researching or responding to an offer. This pre-call context can be used by the agent to give more tailored recommendations. I can help you complete this transaction. At a critical moment of truth, having this pre-call context allows agents to delight the customer.

Invoca and Five9 are expanding their partnership. We are empowering marketing and contact center teams to drive revenue growth and stand out from the competition.

Jake Butterbaugh, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Sales, Five9 said that their partnership with Invoca allows companies to bridge the gap between marketing and the contact center. The profile of the contact center on the CEO agenda will be raised thanks to this.

The Five9 and Invoca integration availability is expanding.

Five9 is a featured partner of the Invoca Exchange, which contains more than 50 apps and integrations that turn conversation data into automated action. Businesses will be able to easily integrate Invoca with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center through the Invoca Exchange and Five9CX Marketplace. The integration enrolls will begin in the third quarter.

When using the Five9 intelligent cloud contact center, Invoca integrates with Five9 to create a more enhanced experience. Five9 has a plan to move upscale, support and deliver large global solutions, and drive world-class customer experience.

The Five9 CX Summit is the #1 cloud contact center conference that will take place in Las Vegas in August.

There is more information.

  • Ian Dailey, Invoca's vice president of product marketing, will demonstrate Invoca's enhanced Five9 integration in the CX Hub on August 11th at 9PM at the demopalooza Theater.

  • Invoca combines digital journeys with Five9 contact center interactions to create a new experience.

  • You can watch the video to learn more about the Invoca / Five9 integration.

Any joint venture or legal partnership between Five9 and Invoca will not be construed.

Invoca has something to say about it.

Invoca is the leader in conversation intelligence for revenue teams that enable them to understand and act on conversations that consumers are having. Through integrations with leading technology platforms, revenue teams can turn conversation data into automated action to enhance every digital interaction, leading to better experiences, more conversions, and higher revenue. Invoca is trusted by many brands. Invoca has raised $184 million from a number of leading venture capital firms. Visit to learn more.

It's about five9.

Five9 brings the power of cloud innovation to more than 2,500 customers worldwide and facilitates billions of call minutes annually. The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center uses artificial intelligence to create more human customer experiences, to engage and empower agents, and deliver measurable business results. The Five9 platform helps contact centers increase productivity, be Agile, boost revenue, and create customer trust. You can find more information at www.five9.


Invoca enhances its strategic partnership with Five9 to drive revenue.

Invoca is the source of the information.

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