GiG signs extended partnership for Comply with European operator Novibet

by Anna Munhin Aug 9, 2022 News
GiG signs extended partnership for Comply with European operator Novibet

GiG Comply is an automated affiliate marketing compliance and screening tool used by GiG.

GiG has an automated marketing compliance solution that allows operators to check web pages for links, i gaming code and regulatory requirements. It uses its rules engine to analyse real snapshots from affiliates' campaigns and gives operators with the promotional content that is being used in their brands' promotions.

Operators can use it to set up their own criteria and parameters, as well as be tailored to cover any market-specific requirements, helping to ensure that they remain compliant in multiple countries.

GiG Comply will make sure that affiliates are fully aligned with their brand and responsible gaming requirements.

When one of our partners decides to place trust in GiG Comply, it is always a proud moment. The extension of the partnership shows that we are committed to responsible gaming. We will continue to support them with their compliance.

George Gerakanakis said that providing an engaging yet safe and fully compliant gaming experience is one of the top priorities of their operations. As we move forward, we are confident that we have built a strong partnership with GiG due to the high standards we set. GiG Comply will continue to support the compliance team across the regulated markets we operate in.

To find out more about GiG Comply, please visit our website.