Exploring the Six New Digital Signage Services from YCD Multimedia

by Samuel Pordengerg Aug 1, 2022 News
Exploring the Six New Digital Signage Services from YCD Multimedia

(Image credit: YCD Multimedia)

Six new service offerings have been launched by YCD Multimedia to simplify the management of digital signs. In addition to monitoring, managing, hosting, and creating content for digital signage applications, the expanded services offer many other capabilities. The services can be bundled with other YCD products.

YCD Multimedia is excited to announce their expanded line of services. These service offerings are designed to help our clients deploy their digital signage content. Our Cnario and RAMP products allow clients to easily deploy and manage their digital content assets. The services add value without adding anxiety to the project.

YCSD Multimedia expands their team with several promotions.

YCD Multimedia Launches 6 New Digital Signage Services.

(Image credit: YCD Multimedia)
  • Proactive Monitoring: YCD’s Proactive Monitoring is designed to provide clients with ease of mind and maximum uptime for their system. This service includes an active software agent installed on each media player which provides ongoing reports, remote access, automatic alerts, and problem solving. YCD will monitor your digital signage network from anywhere.
  • Content Management: The YCD Content Management Service Program is a tailored solution to help their clients manage their digital signage networks. YCD offers managed services for any level of content management which includes everything from a full “send-it & forget-it”, to a partial client involved process. The client chooses the level, and YCD will provide simplified managed service on their platform.
  • Hosting: YCD offers an all-inclusive Hosting Service for our Cnario and RAMP products. YCD offers both shared or dedicated servers to keep clients’ content secured, and scalable.
  • Templates: The YCD template package for Cnario or RAMP is tailored to provide a comprehensive solution for everyday messaging needs like Birthdays, Holidays, Employees of the Month, Weather, Traffic, News, Health and Wellness, and more. These templates are easy to purchase and bundled to complement YCD’s solutions.
  • Workflow Customization: YCD leverages APIs (opens in new tab) and SDKs to build a customized workflow for all of your digital signage needs—from fully automated and integrated “hands-off” approach using a unique scheduling algorithm, to a simplified User Interface (UI) for uploading and scheduling content, they offer it all as a custom development service.
  • Customized Content: Lastly, YCD offers Customized Content development as an add-on for their software offering, with tailored content for any digital signage application. This includes brand specific content, triggered experiences, interactives, templates, dynamic feeds, HTML5, and much more.